Happy days are here again.

Happy days are here again.
I almost went back on the smokes, if the shops had been open this morning as I walked to work, I would have got some. I was gagging for a drag of Gauloise Blondes. (I quit July 12, 1996 and haven’t had one since). Friends provided me with a lovely dinner and wine and talk (and I fixed the settings on their e-mail progs and proxy on their browser… UPC doesn’t seem to do their job when they install your cable connection) and now I will have to catch up on some sleep. I apologise for sounding mysterious, but it’s not my story to tell. Back to our scheduled service.

OK, so there are North

OK, so there are North American logs, Australian logs, Dutch logs, a few Belgian and one or two French logs. What’s the rest of the world up to? Are they on a completely different train? What’s the hype out there? Any Germans? Nu Zealunders? Irish? Cad é an scéal?

Poetic justice. The Alistapart/High 5

Poetic justice. The Alistapart/High 5 design contest winners were announced yesterday and I was a little disappointed. (I’m not saying they aren’t all wonderful sites… k10k especially has been groundbreaking of sorts, and though eneri.net does nothing for me – I’m not blind, I can see it’s wonderfully made. It’s just… not what get’s me going on line.) So talking about it on Metafilter last night, I claimed I get a bigger kick out of the clever combination of design and programming (and community) that makes Metafilter a great place to be on the web. And today, Metafilter’s made Best of Cool on Joe Jenett’s great Coolstop site. A big round of applause for all!