Holland’s IT magazine ‘Automatiseringsgids’ reports

Holland’s IT magazine ‘Automatiseringsgids‘ reports on the ‘fastest internet in the world’. The Netherlands will soon have the fastest Internet in the world when its universities will be connected to the Gigaport project at 2,5 GB per second. Next year, bandwidth will expand to 20 Gbps. Within three years, speed on the backbone will rise to 80 Gbps. ‘A record.; says Kees Neggers, head of Surfnet. Gosh. Lucky us.

Mr Kottke has a new

Mr Kottke has a new feature on his cam: ‘play with Jason’. No, no, get your minds out of the gutter – it’s nothing like that! [ update: I’d only just written this when the first 0sil8.com newsletter in ages arrived in my mailbox. 0sil8.com is not dead!]

Marc Marot has resigned as

Marc Marot has resigned as MD of Universal/Island Records after 10 years, following the promotion of former Polydor MD Lucian Grainge to deputy chairman of Universal Music UK. So what, you may ask. Well, I think Marc Marot was the only good thing left at Island. Of course all record company people are vile, but Marot seemed a real mensch. He personally made sure Island UK had a website (back in 95, the look of the site is still similar) when no one else had heard of the ‘web’. He also personally answered all the e-mail sent to Island at the time. And he linked to my then fledgling Gavin Friday site from Island’s site, long before my site was ‘official’. That makes him a good bloke in my book. I wish him well.

Jason wonders why I’ve listed

Jason wonders why I’ve listed his site among other sites that ‘look better’ than his. He’s not the only one to ask that. Well… I thought and I thought long and hard and in the end decided I’m only going to list sites that I actually read and use. Content is king, remember. :-) Of course some people say ‘design is content and content is king’. When it comes to logs, I’ve noticed I like the ones that have a distinctive voice the best and I prefer those with less tech news and more culture and personal info.

My employer (VARA) organised a

My employer (VARA) organised a movie preview for it’s members and I had my name put on the guestlist. Why not enjoy the perks, eh? So I got to see American Beauty, a film I’d been looking forward to a lot. Though I enjoyed the film, it didn’t impress me as much as I hoped. Perhaps because I’d seen Happiness a few weeks back? I would have preferred a little more reality – all the characters seemed charicatures. I know Spacey and Bening are both tipped for the Oscars, but to be honest I think Spacey’s done much better and he was only rehashing the role he had in Swimming with sharks. Same maniacal mannerisms.