We did a live chat

We did a live chat at work today, after a TV show. Sod that Murphy bastard and his arsehole law. DNS shit prevented us from using the paid for chat software at dds.nl, so I struggled to find a decent alternative, found one at the quite wonderful cjb.net… only to find out minutes before going live that the laptop in the studio couldn’t reach that either… so we ended up shouting questions through telephones and running to and from with print outs. One of the A’s in our company’s name proudly stands for ‘Amateur’… mea culpa.

On the town, going drinkies. And she said: ‘It’s really special, what you have.’ And she answered: ”t is, ‘t is,’ and felt the familiar tugging at her heart’s strings. ‘It’ll do you no harm,’ she thought. No harm. ‘What’re you gonna tell him, what are you gonna write?’ And she thought: ‘I should tell him.’ But she won’t.

Damn, I missed the E.R.

Damn, I missed the E.R. epi in which Doug Ross leaves the show last Friday. This is where I got my fix.

I mentioned this before… still don’t know what it is, but it goes on air tonight at midnight: From their press release: Thousands have already registered to www.do-tv.com. Everything is put into place for the big do-tv day on Wednesday 2nd February. At that time, and for the next 24 hours, the whole world will be hooked up to the internet and talking TV.
Hmm. There is this obsession in this country to make TV on the web. Is it the same overseas? Digging through do-tv’s preliminary stuff it does look a little less mundane than I thought and there are lots of little thoughts/polls to consider. This URL is related.