Right. Don’t miss this. (Ladies,

Right. Don’t miss this. (Ladies, you know you like a man in a frock…) Surreal British comedian Eddie Izzard is returning to North America with a new one man show, “CIRCLE”:
Toronto on 2/29-3/4 at The Bathurst Street Theatre. The 57 Theatre in Boston from 3/7-11; The Royal George Theatre in Chicago from 3/14-25; The Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia from 3/28-4/1; The Westbeth Theatre Center (where his last show “Dress To Kill” ran for four months), and New York City from 4/4-8. I stab thee with a bread knife!

When net-impaired friends come over

When net-impaired friends come over it’s always nice to prove ‘I can find anything on line’. However, locating the lyrics of The Wurzel’s ‘Combine Harvester’ proved to be difficult. Anyone? Also… why is one’s connection always at its slowest when the same friends are looking over one’s shoulder? ‘It’s usually not this slow, really.’ Right, and my German Shepherd doesn’t usually bite.

Big changes might be ahead

Big changes might be ahead for Prol (irl), a bit like Matt‘s. To celebrate, we got out the dosh and treated ourselves to a new (s)watch. With their funny ‘internet time‘. This Swatch Access is the bulkiest watch I’ve ever had, with the most comfortable strap. It has a chip that can hold a digital ski pass. I don’t ski.

Two Dutch sites (both by a company doing work for us) made it to the finals of the SXSW web competition. Many congratulations to Lowlands 1999 and Crossing Border.