OK, so there are North

OK, so there are North American logs, Australian logs, Dutch logs, a few Belgian and one or two French logs. What’s the rest of the world up to? Are they on a completely different train? What’s the hype out there? Any Germans? Nu Zealunders? Irish? Cad é an scéal?

Poetic justice. The Alistapart/High 5

Poetic justice. The Alistapart/High 5 design contest winners were announced yesterday and I was a little disappointed. (I’m not saying they aren’t all wonderful sites… k10k especially has been groundbreaking of sorts, and though eneri.net does nothing for me – I’m not blind, I can see it’s wonderfully made. It’s just… not what get’s me going on line.) So talking about it on Metafilter last night, I claimed I get a bigger kick out of the clever combination of design and programming (and community) that makes Metafilter a great place to be on the web. And today, Metafilter’s made Best of Cool on Joe Jenett’s great Coolstop site. A big round of applause for all!

I should be working on:

I should be working on: a client’s site, or the storage system that arrived 2 weeks ago, or the mess in my house. Instead I redesign a friend‘s site that will be hosted at virginprunes.com. Because it’s so much more FUN. I kid myself by thinking I’m only learning more about Dreamweaver 3. I’d never bothered with templates before. You can have a gander but it’s only foetal now. (The index page has no connection with the rest of the site yet… need to get some of that grey thang into it) The thing about this site is the band were always perceived as gothic, but never saw themselves that way. So I’m going for gothic minimalism. Does anyone know a classy italic typeface (preferably free)? Something like the one used at juxtinteractive… but different.

The BBC is bringing Mervyn

The BBC is bringing Mervyn Peake’s classic ‘Gormenghast‘ to the screen. The website doesn’t look half as good as the series.

Talking about magical literature, I’m re-reading Roger Zelazny‘s Amber series for the umpteenth time. The story of Amber’s superhuman royal family never fails to enchant. Corwin of Amber, the intense but humourous self appointed heir to the throne… I can just imagine George Clooney in the part. A modern day Stewart Granger.