Almost 10,000 visitors to this

Almost 10,000 visitors to this page. Who will be #10,000? If it’s you, send me a screenshot (the counter’s at the bottom) and I’ll send you something in return…

Even when Metafilter‘s down… it’s a weblog. Here’s a screenshot, because it’s probably up by now. [ via mathowie ] Oh yikes, now everybody can see the link bar on my browser.

Smashing photography from Ireland at

Smashing photography from Ireland at the Irish Times website. Exposure 1999. Catch photographer Matt Kavanagh ripping off Anton Corbijn’s world famous shot of Miles Davis, in this portrayal of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. And this wonderful thang.

Talking about Anton Corbijn… apparently in February 2000 his own site will be up at Rejoice! I’ve been fortunate to meet Anton on a few occasions here in Holland and abroad, and eventhough he is one of those stick insects – see below – , I think he’s a super bloke (Quote from the interview: “Have you ever photographed people who aren’t famous? ‘Yes,” Corbijn answers with a knowing smile, “but every time I do, they become famous.”). Of course it helped that he granted me the use of some of his work in my book for free. [ Right, that’s just about enough namedropping there, thank you. ]