Overslept an hour. Found a

Overslept an hour. Found a macro virus on my work comp. Am now staring at a black screen and have to use the other machine on my desk, not so lovingly called Mr Turtle (It’s a Mac G3 266), until the techies find the right anti-virus bootdisk for my Athlon. What a strange week it has been. I feel ready for change. But Prol must be careful not to turn this site into a journal. Been there, done that.

Anyway, metafilter pointed me to Geri Halliwell’s site and as usual I immediately clicked the link to the makers. Looking through their smashing portfolio, I’m envious to see they did so many music related sites. In everything I do on the web, I get the most pleasure and the best inspiration from the (few) sites I’ve done for or about musicians. There’s usually a wealth of material (sleeves, promos, pictures, sounds) and (hopefully) a vision, a vibe you can try to convey. At work, I get stuck… the radioshows and tv programmes don’t give me that kind of thrill. Music is the biggest thing. In prol’s book.

Thank you, Bloat, for the kind words. :-) chuff chuff chuff.

So yeah… back in 95,

So yeah… back in 95, I started this site about British stand up comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, which became very popular and was all over the British papers and telly. I lost interest in Eddie (though the site remains up in a crappy executive archive kind of way) when he went megalomaniac in have-to-conquer-the-world mode. But Eddie still has tons of other fans who are still dedicated, not jaded like myself, and make sites and they chat and mail, and post on boards.

I don’t watch the tennis

I don’t watch the tennis too often these days. I’m an old school fan: Connors, McEnroe, Nastase. But this morning’s Agassi – Sampras match from Melbourne, seen on our office telly (don’tcha just love working in old media…), was a classic! And the good guy won.

This week sees the start

This week sees the start of the Rotterdam filmfestival. It’s choice of opening film ‘The Insider’ turns out to be controversial because it’s a Hollywood production. Hmm. Not having seen the film, there’s no way to judge right now.

Tomorrow is MUC day. Kiss a pig. G’wan… a great big snog!