The other day a friend

The other day a friend and I were discussing how for a lot of British kids there seem to be limited options to escape the shackles of their social class. Three choices, in fact: become a popstar, a football player or a criminal. And then there’s those who want it all. has a board. I has a board. I used the meep!board by meep! media because 1. it is free for personal use (so let’s get personal) 2. it seemed easy to adapt to the prol war paint. (easy-ish… couldn’t get the add form to accept my colours.) Turned out it was the easiest to install cgi application I have ever had the pleasure (1) to dump on my server. Headache-free stuff. A round of applause for meep!. (Silly name)

Design at RNW was a

Design at RNW was a LOT better when I was still working there with the old crew (I don’t think the current lot have even heard of anti-aliasing, and they have an unhealthy appetite for those horrid 13 in a dozen animated gifs), but the site has a good buzz and plenty of info. For people interested in the Netherlands, they’ve now updated their Netherlinks pages.