Design at RNW was a

Design at RNW was a LOT better when I was still working there with the old crew (I don’t think the current lot have even heard of anti-aliasing, and they have an unhealthy appetite for those horrid 13 in a dozen animated gifs), but the site has a good buzz and plenty of info. For people interested in the Netherlands, they’ve now updated their Netherlinks pages. now has which now has which allows you to put all the legal CDs you own on line. You download a piece of software called Beam-It, which recognises your CDs ID and sends it to If the CD is already in their database, the tracks will appear on your personal page, from where you can play them. If not, a request is sent to to include the CD. Saves me dragging my discs to work!

I never even asked for

I never even asked for it, but people have been sending me voicemails (+31 20 8839888) nevertheless. So far, nobody’s got past their operators. I’m sorry, you can’t call collect!

I finally got my new

I finally got my new contract (been working without one since November). They’ve changed my job description to webmaster/designer. I don’t think that’s what I am, especially the ‘webmaster’ part. I still have my resume up at Monsterboard, just for the hell of it. Multec recruiters called to see if I was interested working for them. Checking out their site I found out they do detachment, recruitment and selection for ‘highly qualified technical personnel’. I don’t think that description fits me either. I don’t know what the hell I am. I always wanted to be a journalist… but I guess I’m just a geek.