Dark are the days

There was a great band from Ireland featuring Donal Lunny’s son. They were called Marxman & they had a small hit with ‘All About Eve’. Perhaps they’re better known for their single with Sinead O’Connor: ‘Ship Ahoy’.

Well, one of their songs was called Dark are the Days. They are. Yes, it’s still raining. Outside and in my head.

I called off the house deal – it was doing my head in – I’m not going to buy, I’m just going to rent a room. What I need is freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want. If I want to shop in London, I want to be able to do that. I want to eat good food, buy books, CDs… whatever. My pleasure comes from these things – not from the place I live in. I don’t make enough money to have both and I choose my freedom. The way I’m reacting to this all, I’m definitely not ready to be a house owner.

I hope the decision will lift my spirits. Maybe the sushi I’ll be having tomorrow will help. ;-)

A very good friend from Ireland called, we’re probably going to the wild west Cork in September. Check out the place we’re going. Ignore the hippy shite – we’re going to see Nick Cave and talk about literatjoooooore.

Funny… my Irish friend has started keeping a diary as well.

December’s here again:

Well you can tell….

I suppose I’m late to tag on to the 70’s disco revival. I guess it was Hot Chocolate’s re-release of ‘Sexy thing’ on the Full Monty soundtrack that really got me going. Suddenly I’m scrounging the net for groovy empeethrees, downloading a massive 400 mb of tunes – mostly hip & trip hop, some alternative, spiced with those great tunes I used to love to hate. Beegees, Abba, Patti LaBelle, Carl Douglas sit nicely next to Air’s post-postmodern-neo-dance-chill-out grooves.

I’m so tired of the Radioheads, the Pearl Jams, all the guitar-angst-wank-rockers in this world.

And what the hell does Bob Dylan’s spawn think they are doing murdering the holy Bowie’s Heroes? I think it’s time for yankee rockers to get out of the garage and into the closet.

Ah ah ah ah staying aliiiiiiiiiiiive… that’s where it’s at.

PS. I think I’ll just rent. The vote tells me so.

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iMusic have started a great soundtrack site.

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Space 1999

Stop it

If I close my eyes, shut my ears and count to ten, will things be all right in Northern Ireland?

The rain is coming down incessantly.

Someone please stop it.

On my stereo:
Arcanum – Dragging canvasses and breathing lies.
Imaani – Where are you?

A room with a view

I saw a place I liked. It’s a lovely place smack in the middle of ‘De Pijp’ in Amsterdam. Huge balcony on the south, lovely view of opulent green gardens. Wooden floor throughout.

The owner said he’d already been offered more than it’s up for sale for. (fl. 220.000). I definitely can’t afford more than that. I thought the whole idea was to offer around 15% less than what they ask. But with supply only barely equalling demand, owners have the luxury of selling to the highest bidder. (First come first served is what it used to be.) I have to make my bid before Tuesday 5 pm.

I’ve only been at this a few days, and it’s already depressing me no end. Going through other people’s houses is embarrassing. Dealing with large amounts of (somebody else’s) money is daunting. The thought of my rent doubling is frightening.

I want to curl up in a small dark place and sleep for a long long time.


The three tenors are singing Ständchen!

I’ve always liked Domingo better than Pavarotti. Domingo just looks better. He’s fairly dry today (good!), but once he starts hamming it up, I turn the switch.

Been busy making new pages for gavinfriday.com, my other domain. Have a look at what the man reads.

I have links to on line shops like cdnow and amazon.com on my site. Does that mean I’ve lost integrity? Surely it’s ok to try and make people buy books and music? Let me know.

Big question

I played a friendly tennis match yesterday afternoon. I was 4-0 up in the first set when I lost my cool. Physically unfit, I could not concentrate long enough and my opponent got back up to 4-4. I won 6-4 6-1 after that. I hadn’t played a match in more than 10 years – and found out that at 35 years old I still haven’t mastered the art of playing for fun. I get nervous and impatient. I can’t control my temper. Every point has to be a winner and that makes me tense up. I was a bad loser as a kid… and I still am. How very disappointing.

So was the house I looked at today. Stunning on the outside. Dismal on the inside. I won’t even mention the cost of it. It was off putting and I must admit I find the whole idea of having to decide over something so radical totally daunting.

I’m trying to figure out what is more important for me when it comes to a place to live. Size? Beauty? Location? My friend S. claims that in England they say there are only 3 criteria to bear in mind when buying a house: ‘Location, location and location.’

I haven’t worked it out yet. Let me know what you think? I’ve put up a little vote on housing, go see.

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Got something to moan about?

Get a move on

I want to move house. I’ve been living in Utrecht for 16 years now and I’ve just about had enough. Utrecht is very much a student town, and I stopped being a student a decade ago.

Amsterdam is where I want to be. My city of birth. I love Amsterdam to bits – it’s got big city grandeur combined with village attitudes. It’s stunningly beautiful in places, it’s got all the art, cinema, culture you’d want to absorb. Amsterdam people are intrinsically nicer than those in Utrecht. They aren’t as suspicious, and they aren’t as provincial. The food’s a lot better too.

Today, I picked 3 houses from the newspaper ads, and I’m going to have a look at them tomorrow and Friday. I’ve never done such a thing before, so I’m happy my dad will come along to do what dad’s are supposed to do… be knowledgeble about stuff you don’t know anything about.

More tomorrow.

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