For the histrionic among us

For the histrionic among us (guilty!) – Marc Almond’s book of lyrics and poetry, ‘beautiful twisted night‘, is, well… beautiful. [ £ ]

Finally, an update of the utterly surreal Radiohead website. I’m still not entirely convinced the band are as wonderful as everybody seems to think, but Yorke’s definitely a captivating performer. I prefer to see him solo.

Captivating… that’s what Sinead is too. No matter what she does, I stick to the ‘trust the art, not the artist’ rule and her voice always comes out on top. Even if she can’t remain celibate no matter what vows she took. She claims she tried for three months and then failed. That doesn’t mean she’s no longer a priest…[ G ]

On Top of the Pops (BBC2) David Bowie spoke of the day he met Lou Reed. Or so he thought. As a young fan he went to see the Velvet Underground in London, stood in the front row all night singing along to all the songs and went backstage after the gig. Knocked on the door. John Cale opened. Bowie explained he was a big fan and a musician himself and could he speak to Lou Reed? So Cale told him to hang on, and sure enough Reed came out and spoke with David for 15 minutes. ‘I was floating,’ he says. The next day a friend told him Lou Reed was no longer in the band and that he had obviously been talking to the new Velvet singer. But that didn’t matter, because in Bowie’s mind he had spoken with Lou Reed. Of course he did end up meeting him and he produced Transformer for Reed. Why I am telling this story? Lou Reed has a very cool website. No, just because stars were fans once too. Makes ’em human.

Traveling? Here’s your source of

Traveling? Here’s your source of on the road connectivity.

Whoa, check that cursor chaser on this BBC Tellytubbies page. Are they encouraging us to shoot ’em up?

I haven’t gone into the contents of this site too deeply, but I like the design of Bohemian Ink.

Remember the famous deaths sketch Monty Python did?
That kind of thing. The Darwin Awards recognise stupidity: ‘Winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species’ chances of long-term survival.’

When I was young, Karl

When I was young, Karl May‘s books about the German hero of the American plains: the ‘manly’ Old Shatterhand and his bloodbrother friendship with the ‘nobel’ Winnetou, kept me company. Birthdays were spent at the cinema, watching Lex Barker and Pierre Brice in the films made of the books… the wild west shot in Yugoslavia. [ G ]

So you want to be a writer? So write! Here’s some tips on how to start and how to get published.

Intel makes Guinness taste nicer. Sure you know the Guinness is aytin’ and computin’ at the same time!

Blur’s Damon Alburn with an impressive shiner. He ‘fell off his bike’.

My god, the Dutch go weblog! (Are we the Japanese of the web…) Check prolific’s loggerheads page. Good thing too, because without I wouldn’t have known daylight saving time started last Sunday!

Interesting how German tabloid magazine ‘Bild‘ manages to recreate their tacky design on line. [ G ]

BBC 2’s Food and Drink is back on the tube on Tuesdays @ 8.30pm. Unfortunately, Jilly Goolden – whose nose is the least attractive thing I’ve ever seen stuck in a wine glass – now presents it. The site hosts a great collection of recipes to try out: shallot tarte-tatin really gets me going.

Kamagurka’s a Belgian cartoonist. Belgian humour is of the more surreal kind. Go shake hands with Cowboy Henk. [ D ] [ E ] [ F ] [ G ] etc.

Tomorrow @ 5 pm GMT:

Tomorrow @ 5 pm GMT: Britpoppers Geneva live by webcast from London’s Embassy Rooms.

Seen in concert at the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam: Luka Bloom. As always, one man and a guitar. He’s found the perfect balance in his show, more variety, more melodies, some old tunes, some new, a laugh and a tear and still a bit of the old rebel in him. Wonderful. Seen him a dozen time or more, last night was top 3.

My ex-colleagues at RNW keep their web site lively. Rob Green’s ‘Insite‘ column this week deals with the Dutch and their museums. Elsewhere on the site they tackle a difficult subject with flair.

I don’t know much about rugby, but I love the All Blacks’ ‘haka‘. (Haka is the generic name for all Maori dance.)

Robot cat banned from flight

Robot cat banned from flight to Moscow…

Favourite song today. Glorious [ 3 mb ] by Swedish ‘young-Bono-lookalike’ Andreas Johnson. But the lyrics in my head this week, come from a Gloria Estefan oldie: ‘I don’t want to be your second choice…’ Terrible song, I know.

Saw a hugely entertaining film last night called ‘Judas Kiss‘. The only weird thing about it was the fact that Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman (both British actors) were playing Americans, with N’awlins’ accents… well, they tried. It’s a True Romance, Pulp Fiction kind of Tarantino rip off… but it works. Slightly surreal plot with a couple of twists, and an excellent cast. [ buy ]

Talking film… this is just too much. Omega Code is an action film backed by Christian fundamentalists which will ‘open people to the gospel as few events ever have’. Brrr.

New internet statistics suggest a 2.8 percent drop in ‘active surfers’. Yay! More bandwidth for us! [ D ]

I find this obsession with weight loss rather sickening. Wait for the lovely voice telling you how to resist food cravings – this guy’s probably been on Ophrah. Pass me a lard sambo please… hold the bucket. It’s a zine. I think. [ D ] [ E ]

Anyone who runs a mailing list will appreciate this list. Anyone who’s on one should read it before they open their big… e-mail client.

Free internet. Free free free. The big buzz word in the Netherlands right now. No thank you, I already gave.

ER is back on Dutch

ER is back on Dutch television and I missed the first two epi’s. Have I lost interest or am I too busy logging?

Prolific needs a cupboard of other storage facility. Antique ( ++1/2 ) would be nice, but as a first year house owner it’s more likely to be modern Scandinavian.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) is concerned for your health: bloody wankers.

New service helps you shift large files (up to 50 mb). The name is better than the idea: Whale Mail. ++

For those sleepless nights: a nifty set of auction tools courtesy of ZDnet. Talking auctions, Holland has its own, but so far the goods are disappointing. Could it be that the Dutch think second hand is ‘not done’?

Blind hackers on trial in Israel??? And shouldn’t that be crackers?

Pavarotti says pop singers don’t need a good voice… because they have a microphone. Apparently he made this bold claim last wednesday, in an interview with German magazine “Für Sie”. Wonder why he surrounds himself with ’em… too feel superior perhaps? [ G ]

Thut us imayzung… Iverithung ibout New Zealund fingi. Wuth oll the enfirmayshin on slime molds you wull iver need!

Crap site for such a big band. Must be the slowest site on the planet. There’s a clip of Just a Man, with various moving footage of Michael Hutchence. It’s still hard to fathom he’s no longer with us.

‘Argot’ is the French spoken in the streets. MALPT! It’s all part of the Alternative Dictionaries. Hours of fun for the weekend. [ F ] [ E ]

Who needs hotmail (boring). Free e-mail addresses… 3,500 domain names to choose from. What about

History quiz. Prolific scored eight out of ten. ++1/2

In Holland, Japanese is ‘in’. Sushi’s available from diverse outlets, all the big stores have had their ‘visions of east’ theme months. But what you really want to know is: What’s your name in Japanese? +++

Not again. Just when the fatwa on Salmon Rushdie’s eased up a bit, here comes a new one. An islamic group in the UK has placed one on a playwright whose play depicts Jesus as a homosexual. According to one of the actors the play is important and carries a message of tolerance.

Wanna watch people get married? The town of Hoogeveen in Holland makes it possible. [ D ]