Hip hip, hurrah. The internet

Hip hip, hurrah. The internet is doooooomed.

Holland’s current hype is ‘Big Brother’. (Lock a bunch of morons in a makeshift house and film them everywhere, round the clock. Apply the ‘ten green bottles’ rule, make them pick a fellow moron to leave the house each week, etc etc. Remember MTV’s Real World? Imagine that with a lot of people without a personality.) In Sweden, they do a similar thing called ‘Expedition: Robinson’ – I believe an island’s the setting. Prol likes the site made by Paragos. [ Sv ]

On to more serious things. Prol was honoured to be asked to make a banner for 1999’s Day Without Art, eventhough we are very very bad banner animators. So go pick someone else’s (I dunno, Lance, or Derek or one of the other real webrus*) banner from the DWA pages and put it on your site. Here’s their manifesto:

The Web Action Pages 1999

It’s the Action time of year, once again!
Prepare to take on the viral menace – AIDS.
World AIDS Day is December 1
but YOU can get in on the action NOW.

Visit the site and JOIN
Download a banner to your site
and link up to the nexus at DWA.

For a return link, send URL & name to

Day Without Art Web Action informs
and unites individuals, via the Internet,
over the local and global impact of

* webru = web guru… it’s an in-joke

UBL have a Bjork song.

UBL have a Bjork song. Totally free. To download. Wow.

Robbie Williams finally has a decent site. Why not get this accoustic version of Angels while you’re at it?
Yeah, we like pop at prolific.org. Don’t worry, we have tons of credible music too.

Hit it Joel: Money makes the world go round… money, money, money… [ G ] [ E ]

New tales of first love at ember.org. Prolific would like to contribute but can’t remember if there ever was a first love.

This is so groovy. Via the k10k mailing list: the bad as shit project.

Here’s a cool toy to play with. Hint: use your keyboard.

There is just so much good stuff at invertebrae this month, hours and hours of fun. Prol’s favourite is ‘two syllable’, though we can’t guess what the words are. Can you?

And last but not least, there – finally – is an update at our very own croon.org.

Find out what happened on

Find out what happened on the day you were born. Or any other date. dMarie’s time capsule.

Prolific likes pigs, but dogs are the best. I had a dog between my 12th and 27th. Ares passed away at 15, I still miss him sometimes. My lifestyle doesn’t allow me to keep a pet now, but when I retire this is what I’m going to get.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! B-movie buzz.

Tacky, loud, in your face. That’s the Dutch abroad..

Prove you’re a DJ online! [ D ]

Millennium glasses. That’s stupid. So are these. I don’t buy into that millennium crap anyway. [ D ]

If you are famous, don’t even think of taking your computer to the repairman.

For a bit of Dutch folklore you have to watch Sinterklaas’s arrival… it’s on today at noon GMT +1, live in real video at NPS.
What’s Sinterklaas?

Things you should know if you’re intent on creating your own web graphics. And when you’re done reading that – learn how to be soopa famous on da web. I don’t think anybody will get this unless they spend way too much time on said web.

And don’t forget… get ready for the Tardis. It’s Doctor Who night on BBC2.

I’m saying another little prayer

I’m saying another little prayer for the North. Another setback. If you’ve lost track of things, here‘s where you can read up on it all.

Morning becomes eclectic. Evocative name, great music show on KCRW.

No time wasters: Mike Figgis shoots his newest feature film in 93 minutes.

Experiencing Friday evening burn out like me? (These 4 hour live webcasts really take it out of me – and wasn’t I smart making it a pink on black design. Ouch.) A nice cuppa tea helps.

I’m having an Australian friend for lunch in two weeks time. Time to roll out the chianti and fava beans. And polish up my Strine.

Spread the word of MUC around the world! Oink.

Quizes for masochists. (They’re in French). [ F ]

We have all made fools

We have all made fools of ourselves one time or another. Now’s your chance to confess at Wessel’s stylishly designed Book of Blunders. Go find prolific’s embarrassing moment, and when you’re done, come and help me cry a bit.

We’re all subjected to the dangers of RSI. My Wacom pad has saved me, but perhaps this tool works for you.

Spy shots of Great Britain – next year you can buy ’em at 16 dollars a piece.