When is a blog not a blog

Well, in any case, not when Joss Whedon decides it isn’t, dammit.

Whedonesque.com was named ‘Blog of the week’ at The Times today and in the comments on the post announcing it, a number of our users ask why Whedonesque is a blog. Before I can answer, Joss Whedon himself pipes in and declares Whedonesque not a blog.

I try to explain that perhaps people’s interpretation of the world blog has changed somewhat over the last five years and that Whedonesque has all the characteristics of a weblog. Joss seems to call me pedantic, dismissing my reasoning and telling me language evolves, ergo, my blog no longer a blog. He seems to think I’m ‘nerd girl’ who needs to be taught a lesson in language.

Welcome to bizarro world.

He’d already left when I finally came up with the ‘let’s say in 10 years time, a tv series is something that has a jury and televoting, so sorry, your work is now called ‘fanfic” analogy. I am a crappy debater.

It seems most of our users have no idea the site is a weblog. I guess they’ve never gone near our About page.

I’m quite baffled.

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Dutch public broadcasting celebrates 10 years online

Medy van der Laan, Harm Bruins Slot, et al

Found myself in the company of at least three of my (ex-)bosses today, from ’95 till now (AVRO, RNW, VARA, Publieke Omroep). Lots of other familiar faces from the early days of public broadcasting online were there as well. Highlight of the afternoon was supposed to be the presentation of a book on 10 years of Omroep.nl to State Secretary (for Education, Culture and Science) Medy van der Laan, but I preferred the showing of ‘Kwik’ (Dutch for Huey, as in Huey, Dewey and Louis). Kwik was the very first server our domain, Omroep.nl, ran on. A flat, blue Silicon Graphics machine that cost about 20,000 Euro. Aw, bless.

Took loads of pictures, only a few of which are presentable.