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Vicious – Are You Being Served Again?


“Freddie and Stuart have been partners for nearly 50 years. As they host a wake to mark the passing of an old friend, they are joined by their new young neighbour upstairs, Ash.”

McKelllen and Jacobi. Legends of stage and film, now unfortunately joined as ageing partners in Vicious, a – so far not very funny – sitcom on ITV. Canned (or is it studio?) laughter, rape jokes, stereotypes… a throwback to the 70s. Offensive almost, and not in a good way. If it doesn’t improve drastically by the next episode, I won’t watch it again.

While Derek Jacobi camps it up on the phone to his mother, Ian McKellen, booming voice and all, had the funniest line: “I never know when I’m going too far, but I’m always so glad when I do.”

Notes from this viewer: Increase the bitching between Freddie and Stuart. Jacobi, dial down the Mr Humphries-act. Ditch everything and everyone else. Including the off screen moribund dog.

Sidney Reilly

Shlomo Rosenblum (born in Odessa in 1874) was recruited by MI6 before World War I and at one time considered Britain’s most important secret agent.

He changed his name to Sidney Reilly because “In Europe, only the British hate the Irish, but everyone hates the Jews.”

Sidney Reilly was a talented actor who spoke seven languages, and an extremely confident man. This meant he was able to pass as a Russian docker or a German army officer. His exploits included saving diplomats in the jungles of South America to infiltrating the German High Command during World War I.

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