We can has Heroes, just for one day

Was the net slow for you yesterday? My transatlantic connection was completely throttled. It’s a wild guess, but it may have been the 140260 people torrenting the Season 2 premiere of Heroes combined with the 113347 breaking the law for Prison Break S3x02. And that’s just counting the ones listed on eztv.

I remember (cue string quartet) when you’d get pistol whipped for
including a 50 kb attachment and extradited for allowing HTML mail. And I’d be the one dishing out the punishments. Now
I’m hoovering a couple of Gigabytes per day and nobody bats an eyelid, least of all myself.

Are torrents clogging up our pipes? They may be, but that’s probably not the reason why CRIA (Canadian recording industry association) shut down the popular Demonoid tracker today.

I tried but couldn’t find any links to support the theory. I do remember reading reports some years back about bittorrents killing bandwidth.

My uncle’s ‘book without a title’

Last year my uncle featured in a TV show about ‘miracles’. He told the story of how he found a photograph of himself in a book he picked up from an antique shop, while on holiday in England. It’s a true story. This month the show is letting viewers decide which stories should be repeated in a clip show to introduce the new series.

Do me and my kin a favour and vote for ‘De foto’ on the ‘Wonderen bestaan’ website. You’ll find the poll on the right hand side and ‘De foto’ is the last option in the poll (which doesn’t give it much of a chance of winning!).

It’s a great story and my uncle, who is an author and lyricist, does a great job of telling it (well, duh, he does readings and theater shows for a living). In short: About 20 years ago he was on holiday with his girlfriend L. and another couple. It was a miserable day and he hadn’t even wanted to go to England anyway. When they stopped for lunch, they came across an antique shop.

My uncle had a thing about ‘a book without a title’. He had been talking about this obsession during the trip, of wanting to find this ‘book without a title’. His friends had said books without titles didn’t exist.

Looking through the books on the shelves in the antique shop, he didn’t find anything he wanted. But there was one more book, sitting on a table. Picking it up he saw the book’s cover didn’t have any marking or lettering. It was a book without a title! And when he opened it, he found a picture of himself taken when he was a young man.

Cue theme of the Twilight Zone. Vote now. Vote often.

Book that holiday, baby, he said

Trying to book a holiday is doing my head in. The idea of going somewhere to do nothing all by myself is frightening in itself. Having to decide where and when is well nigh impossible. I should really learn to drive a car. (Have license, don’t drive.)

Update: oh, thank god, I made a decision. Flying (cheaply) to Nice on August 4, will train it to Marseille (only 2.5 hours). Fly back August 10. This is my first ‘holiday in the sun’ since the early 90s. Cue thunderous applause.

Pig children 4 evah

I’ve been watching Virgin Prunes videos for most of the evening. All in the name of research, mind.

It’s almost unbelievable that the warped images on these videos depict men, no… boys not even 25. They wrote some heavy shit barely out of their teens.

If from now on I watched pap for the rest of my life, I’d still be allowed entry to music heaven. I’ve paid my dues watching 4th generation bootleg tapes of Dave-id Busarus vibeing out at a 1983 New York crowd. I’ve seen two men in quite queen-less drag jump each other, roll around in muck and scream: “Why. Should I. Be like you?”

I’ve paid 150 DM for a Japanese pressing of If I Die, I Die. I have all the early CD-releases. Twice. And I’d buy the upcoming remastered CDs if I wasn’t getting them for free this time.

That place in music heaven’s mine.

From Monday, we will be revealing the artwork and tracklists for five re-mastered Virgin Prunes CDs on Virginprunes.com. One CD per week until their release in September.

So come on all you Marilyn Manson fans, come see where Brian got his cue. Other Prunes adepts include The Sugarcubes (Björk), Michael Stipe and Kevin Shiels (My Bloody Valentine).

Look mum, our site’s linked from Mute.com.