Flickr goes Pro

Get your Pro account. I did, anyway.

Flickr is bloody brilliant. With a Pro account you get 1 GB of uploads per month, with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

I haven’t looked at the feature requests recently, but wouldn’t it be great if you could integrate Flickr into your sit and branding? We’ve been trying to get readers to use Flickr for off topic conversation and image sharing, but they’re not taking to it yet. Maybe if it looked more like Whedonesque itself, they would.

Same goes for Next year, U2 start touring. I’m hoping we can make it easy for fans to moblog the gigs.


(De Melkweg, 24-9-2004. Click to enlarge.) More shots at Flickr.

You can hear this concert on the VPRO website. Interpol are a really tight combo and I enjoyed their set, even if it was a little short (54 mins). I’d like to see more showmanship on the part of the singer – maybe he can take lessons from the bass player. Speaking of bass man, sir, the nazi-look isn’t all that cool. Anyway, musically they were outstanding. Performance-wise… B-.

According to fans who partied with the band afterwards, Interpol hated the Dutch audience and did not enjoy the gig because we ‘didn’t dance or scream’. I’m sure eventually they’ll learn to appreciate audiences that are interested in lyrics and chord changes, and do not swoon at the sight of their skinny little bods. I hope they’ll learn that a few words, a glance, the drop of a shoulder can build a connection with an audience, who will then reward you with the attention you crave.

I’m not too keen on the new album which reveals they might be just one step away from generic USA pop/rock and lacks the serenity of their first.

… but someone got me a ticket for their next show on November 22, so I’ll have to go again.,, IRL

Derek and Heather

I met up with Rachel and the newly wedded Derek and Heather in Amsterdam last night.

Derek I hadn’t seen since 1999 when he worked in my country for a while and we ended up traveling to Ireland together.

It was the first time I met Rachel and Heather. At one point we all showed each other our babies.

The warm weather suited our ‘rijsttafel’ dinner at Tempo Doeloe on Utrechtsestraat. It was fun to see people discover the delights of ‘spekkoek’ (a dense, tasty layered cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and aniseed flavoured cake). I thought the food was better last time I went, but that’s probably because I couldn’t choose between talking and eating.

I believe I was a little hyper and talkative — I felt there was so much to say and so little time, as the honeymooning couple are off to Paris today.

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Watching the watchers

It’s Angel finale night and the end of the Buffyverse on TV. I woke up at 3AM to join our site’s chatbox at Flickr.

I am watching people chat as they watch the finale on USA television. I won’t be able to see it until later tonight (early Thursday morning) when the download becomes available. They’re trying to chat without spoiling the story for me. Which is nice.

Stupid WB.

Post finale coda: There’s more and it’s got spoilers in it, so lasciate omni speranze voi ch’entrate, and all that jazz:

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“”And henceforth he was known as ‘Gandalf the black’,” said Radagast, the only surviving member of the Istari. ‘Brownie’, as he was known among his people, was a bitter man, for he resented not having played a role in the events that would later inspire the dullest Acadamy Awards Ceremony in the history of Middle-Earth.”
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I was skeptical about Friendster from my very first invitation on the day it launched. I joined kicking and screaming and never did anything with it. Friendster and its clones seemed primarily dating sites to me. I am not comfortable (in real life and online) in social environments. Making small talk online is as hard for me as it is off line so I wouldn’t naturally join any site of its kind. I opted out of Orkut.

But Flickr’s a little different. I joined despite its somewhat unfortunate name (especially in Dutch) because I “trust” the people behind it. Though Ludicorp‘s GNE wasn’t my thing, it was extremely slick. It made Flickr worth checking out.

Now I’ve seen the light.

First of all, Flickr looks all kinds of sexy, runs smoothly (a few beta hiccups here and there) and so far it’s been very easy to find my way around. It did take me a while to figure out there was more to it than the Groups and userpages and how to launch Flickr proper. I guess the huge pink button escaped my view…

I soon caught on that Flickr is useful outside the dreaded ‘networking’ area. I still have problems with the whole ‘friends’ issue. (“One or two e-mails and a night on IRC don’t make you my friend.”) This may wholly be a cultural difference, as others have noted. Fortunately there’s an ‘acquaintance’ designation in Flickr. But it is Flickr’s image sharing tools in combination with chat and IM that could be very useful to communities like the one we have at

Next year, U2 will start touring again. (U2 fans, don’t laugh — let’s just hope they will.) Flickr will make it very easy (think ‘effortless’) for fans to share their photos immediately after and during the shows (using mobile phones and Flickr’s ‘upload by e-mail’ service ) in the chat and IM environments.

Using Flickr this way can be quite useful to me, current author of “U2 Live: A Concert Documentary”. I could verify events taking place at concerts. Fans will be able to tell me their stories and illustrate them at the same time. All this makes my information gathering for the book a lot easier.

I’ve set up a U2logTalk group at — hopefully the readership will ‘get it’ and join. I’m not saying it will all happen the way I dreamed it up, but it might.

‘Course they’ll all start discussing B’s hair, rather than provide me with essential concert details…