Lex van Rossen, R.I.P.


Lex is dead. I knew he was ill, but it’s still a shock. Lex shot the cover photo of my book. I’ve always been disappointed with the way the print came out and I have been meaning to fix that in the pdf version I’ve been working on, on and off. To give that image the full page it deserves. I knew Lex from going to concerts in the 80s and 90s. He was always in my way (for the first three songs) and we’d laugh about it – he wasn’t the tallest himself. He was a fantastic photographer, a real craftsman and one of my photography heroes. He must be taking pictures of angels now.

Here is some of his work. You may know it.
Chris Isaak’s Heart Shaped World
Bono vs De Kuip
More pictures

Vintage me

self, 3 or 4 years old

Check out my flickr photostream for some black and whites taken by my dad.

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A thought that’s been going through my head a lot recently (which I should cherish and investigate — shallow as my everyday existence tends to be) is that everybody has their ‘prime’ time. Some hit it in their twenties, others in their thirties or later. I think I made a pretty good kid and kept it together in my teens and tweens. I don’t think I’m very succesful so far at being an adult.

Mother and Child reunion

(probably taken with a Voigtlander Vitomatic)

Today’s challenge at Photo Friday is ‘mother’ (which seems a little tired after ‘father’ a few weeks ago, but anyway). I only have one picture I took of my mother and grandparents when I was 11 or so, and I can’t find it. I’ve no other shot that fits, so I’m not competing in the challenge. But I’ll honour the theme with this shot that my father must have taken. Mum with red bag, me with white hat and toy camera. With apologies for the quality, I really need a better scanner. (Click to enlarge)

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Derek and Heather

I met up with Rachel and the newly wedded Derek and Heather in Amsterdam last night.

Derek I hadn’t seen since 1999 when he worked in my country for a while and we ended up traveling to Ireland together.

It was the first time I met Rachel and Heather. At one point we all showed each other our babies.

The warm weather suited our ‘rijsttafel’ dinner at Tempo Doeloe on Utrechtsestraat. It was fun to see people discover the delights of ‘spekkoek’ (a dense, tasty layered cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and aniseed flavoured cake). I thought the food was better last time I went, but that’s probably because I couldn’t choose between talking and eating.

I believe I was a little hyper and talkative — I felt there was so much to say and so little time, as the honeymooning couple are off to Paris today.

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Nightmare host

On the day Field of Depth is ‘noteworthy’ at photofriday.com, the database craps out so nobody can comment, and I can’t upload new pictures.

I knew there was a reason I stopped using my Dreamhost account. Unfortunately, my two Pair.com accounts are maxed out (bandwidth-wise).

update: Dreamhost claim the db is working fine. They say it must be the ‘third party software’, i.e. MT. I don’t know, it’s pretty uncommon for MT 2.6 to just stop working like that (An error occurred: Connection error: Access denied for user: ‘cvodb@tank.dreamhost.com’ (Using password: NO) )

Looks like my photo site is permanently hosed.
*Bangs head repeatedly against wall.*

update II: It’s always the simplest things. Not sure how it happened (but it’s a typical Dreamhost type quirk) but some file permissions got changed automagically. Resetting them fixed the problem.

update III: But I am still getting ‘permission denied’ errors all over the place. MT cannot write to any directories. What a fucking pain in the neck.

update IV: All fixed. MT hung on one particular file in one particular entry. A wild guess: maybe the server crashed earlier today when MT was writing to the file & hosed its permissions or corrupted it.

Dance me to the end…


On my way to the theatre on Friday, I saw an old friend on the street. She looked the same as ever. Same hair, same clothes, same walk.

We used to move as one, talk as one. An inseparable, pre-sexual partnership. Built to last forever. But it broke.

I turned in my step and waltzed right out of her way, pretending not to see her. She did the same, I’m sure.

{ Seen 14/5: ‘Unzip’, ‘Nocturne’ (see photo) and ‘Sister Fury’ by Scapino Ballet, Rotterdam @ Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht
Seen 15/5: ‘Dans voor Mei’, at de Engelenbak, Amsterdam. Photos off site. }



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“”And henceforth he was known as ‘Gandalf the black’,” said Radagast, the only surviving member of the Istari. ‘Brownie’, as he was known among his people, was a bitter man, for he resented not having played a role in the events that would later inspire the dullest Acadamy Awards Ceremony in the history of Middle-Earth.”
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