Over the moon with my Fujifilm X-E2

I’d fallen for the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 through reviews and pictures of it, but when I saw the real thing in BIC Camera in Shinjuku when I was in Japan earlier this month, I realised it’s just too big (wide) for me. But I spotted the X-E2 in the same shop, read up on that one and by the time I returned to Amsterdam, I knew I had to have one sooner or later.

I’d barely hit the tarmac and was already searching for a second hand body, preferably with a lens that suits my style. I got lucky, found what I wanted (a black body with the Fujinon 18mm/2.0 wide angle), made an offer which got accepted and I picked it up last week.


It’s hard to explain what exactly makes the X-E2 such a joy to shoot with. It’s the right size. The retro look is sexy. I love the odd shape of the 18mm/2.0’s lens hood. I love looking through the EVF and the way it freeze frames the shot you take. I love the so very Fuji colours this camera spits out and the incredible sharpness of the lens in combination with the camera’s sensor.

The Fuji X-E2 has returned the joy of shooting to me. I’m excited in a way my SLR (which I haven’t touched in a year or more) hasn’t made me feel in a long time. I’m reading up on photography again, I’m listening to the “On Take Pictures” podcast and I am making plans during the week to shoot on the weekend.

Mirrorless, baby!

Fujifilm X-Pro1 appreciation post

It wasn’t too long ago that I declared I must have a Sony RX1. A full frame sensor on a compact body? Yes, please. But its 2800 euro price tag is prohibitive.

Enter the Fujifilm X-Pro 1. It may not have that full frame sensor, but it’s terribly handsome. It has exposure compensation and shutter speed dials. Dials. An actual viewfinder. And at less than half the RX1’s price?

I must have it.



I’ve had this Olympus E-P2 since 2012 and I’ve used it on and off, with a 17mm/2.8 Oly lens. I’ve used it mostly for travel/street-type photography. It worked particularly well for me in March when I went to Tokyo for just one day and had little time to focus on photography. I hung it around my neck and the wide angle lens did its job capturing my impressions.

In three weeks time I will be going to Japan again. This time I will be there for 12 days and I really want to take the time to take pictures rather than snap everything in sight. I’ve debated which of my camera’s I will bring. I am reluctant to bring an SLR. I haven’t touched my SLR for months or years. Yes, I bring it out when I’m shooting a show, but other than that the body and the many, many lenses just sit there gathering dust. It’s too much hassle. Plus, my 30d died and the 550d feels like a cheap toy.

Instead, this is the camera line up for my trip:

  • Olympus E-P2 (daily use)
  • Sony RX100 (low light)
  • GoPro clone (for fun)
  • iPhone 5s (social)

Which means I was stuck in wide angle land. The Sony zooms to 100mm, but I don’t like using it at that length. So today I invested in the Oly 45mm/1.8. I think that’s like a 90mm equivalent? It looks a little weird on the camera, it’s long and quite narrow. I haven’t shot anything real with it yet, but it feels like a big change from the 17mm. It’s super sharp, that much I know. The manual focus on it is very nice, very smooth, so I’ve set the camera to MF and perhaps I’ll spend more time learning to work with this camera rather than just keep it on automatic like I have so far.

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