Summer holiday lessons

If I were to do a trip like this again, I’d do it differently.

  • I’d rent a place so I wouldn’t pay through the nose for hotels
  • I wouldn’t do extra travelling two out of six days (Nice-Marseille-Nice)
  • I’d preferably bring a friend so we can talk about how good the food was
  • I’d not bring expensive gear so I can go swimming
  • I’d have to re-learn to pack for sub tropics
  • I would try not to twist and sprain my ankle stepping out of my frontdoor to leave for the airport
  • I’d sit on my arse more and not walk 8 hours a day on a gammy foot

    As for photography:

  • If I brought the EOS again, someone would have to teach me how to deal with bright sunlight because a lot of my shots are partly overexposed
  • When people *want* to have their picture taken, take five, not just one
  • Meeting people is easy

    I’m introducing a new design trend, the retrograde (see header, reverted to pre-2003 image). At Caterina’s party on Wednesday, Rogerio mentioned that he had liked my cranes header a lot. I said ‘it’s still there’, but of course, it wasn’t, since I’d changed it to a shot of willow trees in January this year. Since apparently I still think of this site as the one with the cranes header, I might as well put it back on.

    Caterina’s party was very strange for me, but in a good way. I had been slightly apprehensive since I didn’t know anybody else invited, and was slightly in awe of their collective resumes.

    It’s not unusual for me to either avoid parties or end up not talking to anyone and leave early. I haven’t mastered the art of small talk and I’m sure I give off a negative vibe, because people rarely approach me and I’m too shy (or too uninterested) to approach anyone. Usually I find within minutes there is nothing left to say or ask.

    However, at Wednesday evening’s gettogether I ended up talking to several people about various subjects: geek stuff (including a Bluetooth session), photography stuff, history, food, language, dutch media, etc. I enjoyed listening as much as talking. People were engaging and friendly.

    When it was time for me to go home (work awaited in the morning) I wasn’t ready. I wanted to talk to more of the guests. I was sorry I didn’t get to talk to everyone. It was an extraordinary feeling, something I hadn’t experienced since college.

    I’m not sure what conclusion to draw from this experience. Apparently, I’m not the lost cause I thought I was. Have I been going to the wrong parties? Should I seek out other social circles?

    It’s all encouraging. Maybe I should put that option on a hermit’s life on hold. Now all I need is for people like Caterina to come over and throw more parties.

    Yashica T4 Super

    Got my hands on that Yashica T4 Super I mentioned earlier this week. It’s a bit of a collector’s item because of its excellent Zeiss lens and extra “waist level’ viewfinder. It’s been discontinued and replaced by a slightly inferior ‘zoom’ type model. On E-bay it tends to go 125 – 150 dollars and up. I’m picking mine up tomorrow for half that pice.

    It’ll be a great companion while travelling as I do not plan to bring the Ixus. Shlepping one charger around for the 300d is quite enough.

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