Angel of the North

Angel of the North

Taken near the start of our road trip which took us from Nottingham to Newcastle to the Lake District, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham via Sheffield. It was freezing cold up there near the Angel, but what a lovely and relaxing break it turned out to be.

I used a Photoshop action on this picture to simulate lith printing, a process involving special developer and paper, much employed by Anton Corbijn. Check out this with/without example.

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George Michael: Patience


George Michael’s Older (1996) is in my Top 10 favourite albums. So there. Now that that’s out of the way let’s tackle the long-awaited new album.

‘Precious’ won’t make my top 10 because it’s not really an album. It’s a collection of songs that goes on a little too long, has two old singles on it and sounds just a tad dated. So it’s good old fashioned George Michael schtuff then? Yes. ‘Amazing’, the single, has grown on me, ‘My Mother Has A Brother’ is the touching stand out ballad, but it’s the 7 minutes and 36 seconds long dance floor dark horse ‘Precious Box’ that I’ve been playing on repeat. This despite the fact that it sounds like a theme tune for a mid-90s TV show about the hard-core dance scene in, I don’t know, Sheffield. Yes, it’s got under my skin, as George himself sings in this tribute to… what? Satellite TV? You tell me (lyrics). At the end of the album, George bids the business that comes with music farewell. Here’s to many many future downloads. He may be ‘Through’, but he’s not finished.

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