Pig children 4 evah

I’ve been watching Virgin Prunes videos for most of the evening. All in the name of research, mind.

It’s almost unbelievable that the warped images on these videos depict men, no… boys not even 25. They wrote some heavy shit barely out of their teens.

If from now on I watched pap for the rest of my life, I’d still be allowed entry to music heaven. I’ve paid my dues watching 4th generation bootleg tapes of Dave-id Busarus vibeing out at a 1983 New York crowd. I’ve seen two men in quite queen-less drag jump each other, roll around in muck and scream: “Why. Should I. Be like you?”

I’ve paid 150 DM for a Japanese pressing of If I Die, I Die. I have all the early CD-releases. Twice. And I’d buy the upcoming remastered CDs if I wasn’t getting them for free this time.

That place in music heaven’s mine.

From Monday, we will be revealing the artwork and tracklists for five re-mastered Virgin Prunes CDs on Virginprunes.com. One CD per week until their release in September.

So come on all you Marilyn Manson fans, come see where Brian got his cue. Other Prunes adepts include The Sugarcubes (Björk), Michael Stipe and Kevin Shiels (My Bloody Valentine).

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