The Butcher Boy

God love ya, Francie Bradie – dreamt up out of the warped mind of writer Pat McCabe. Neil Jordan’s film is a cartoon world gone mad. Images of the American 60’s permeate an Irish front room: black and white footage of yankee propaganda, the mushroom cloud, Kennedy’s voice, cowboys & injuns, wankers & eejits and pictures of the pope. A boy grows up while his world falls apart – his mother takes her life, his father spins tales of a happy past while he drinks himself to death, his best friend betrays him and the priests wiggle away in their frocks while the boy’s accounts of his visions of Mary (played by Sinead O’Connor) makes their juices flow.

Violence is inevitable you know… you feel as you are swept away by the story. And when he strikes, your sympathy’s with Francie, you’ve learnt to see the world through his eyes.

Hey fish… fuck off!

The Butcher Boy – Neil Jordan
Eamonn Owens, Stephen Rea, Brendan Gleeson.
Seen at Movies, Amsterdam on Friday, June 20 – with Jeff.

The Butcher Boy – Pat McCabe
Picador – ISBN 0-330-32874-3