World cup, yada yada yada

I’m watching it, yes. There isn’t much else on and what else are you going to talk about anyway for the next three weeks?

The game itself is o.k., it’s the hype, the violence, the ‘experts’ and their banter that piss me off. The banter especially… sometimes I wonder what makes people think they’re qualified to open their mouths in the media. Last week, a ‘journalist’ with Dutch broadcasting company EO interviewed a forward with the American Soccer Team. The young man claimed to be a simple player – to which the journalist replied ‘but most black players like to show off!’.

Who let this moron have his own program? And which editor decided he could air it?

Same sport – other job: one of the De Boer twins – I don’t know which one, they’re equally annoying and both are in the Dutch Football Team – was asked what he knew about the South Korean team he was about to play against. His answer was ‘Not much… I know they’re all slanty eyed.’

I give up.

The final will be between Argentina and Brasil… Argentina will win.

on my stereo: Moloko & All Saints compilation tape made by Stuart