Apple Tart II

… I’m wearing an Apple T-shirt today, so I’m the apple tart. Yesterday’s seminar (a glorified Tupperware party… they were gracious to admit) was lively, informative and entertaining. Apple were trying to sell Internet technology to the print & graphics branch and they did a fine job.

But towards the end of the day when the speaker asked the audience to comment on the differences between a stylesheet shown on IE4.0 and NS 4.0. someone obviously unfamiliar with the web said ‘that gray bar at the top’… confusing the browser itself with the page shown in it. Mr Apple (a hired gun) laughed in his face and ignored the question.

The same guy had dismissed a completely relevant comment I made earlier as being ‘uninteresting’. The audience disagreed with him so I didn’t feel like a complete moron.

Halfway through Mr Apple got Freudian. Talking about file size he said: ‘You’ve got to keep the customer small’.

It might be juvenile, but I can’t leave out his other slip of the tongue: ‘You can pull your part without much damage’.