Sex sells, I seek sanctuary

Every morning I run into the newagent’s to get a magazine. And every time I walk past the women’s magazines, I’m reminded of a poem I wrote a long time ago:

Cosmo’s Catechism

Pick up the issue of Cosmo madame
See the young bodies on show
Read about multiple joy madame
aren’t you ready to go?

Rub in that feeling of fear madame
count on your fingers your loss
dip in the labours of love madame
and apply that shiny new gloss

This the flesh upon flesh they say
this is the skin upon skin
this is the time of your life they say
the only way up that is in

this is the thing we all do they say
this is the essence of us
this is achievement for you they say
this the thing that you must

these are the do’s and the don’ts they say
these are the rights and the wrongs

no! these are the men you won’t get I say
these are the women you’re not
these are statistics that suck I say
this is what we haven’t got

this is the burden of wanting it more
this is the yoke we must bear
this is the hunger that comes from within
this is the joke we can’t share

this is the age of talking I say
the age of talking too much
this is the wasting of paper I say
to answer the question of lust

this is the age of learning to walk
when all we achieve is to crawl
we do what we can to get it I say
and then we don’t get it at all

Gift of the day: Netscape 0.9, sexy software for your pleasure…
On my tv: Holland vs Yugoslavia