Dutch telecom upped their prices per July 1st, and narrowed down the off peak hours. This means they’ve taken 2 hours away from my on line time. This is good, it gives me more time to read, breathe, live and listen to music.

Too often we want things to stay as they are. Music fans often don’t appreciate an artist’s change of direction. It’s understandable. When you like something… you want more of the same. You want your apple pie to taste the way your grandmother baked it.

But change is good. Good things must end, die, go away. They need to make place for the new, the young, the fresh – before they go bad. If good things go on forever, they become boring. Good things need to be unique.

A large part of Luka Bloom’s new record ‘Salty Heaven’, to me, sounds like more of the same. It’s in the way he strums his guitar, it’s in the melodies he writes and the rhythms he prefers and the way he ‘raps’ his lyrics.

When good things turn bad there’s always a little sadness. And so I’m a little sad today, playing Salty Heaven.

PS. Why is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word?

On my stereo: Luka Bloom – Salty Heaven, Imaani – Where are you