Dark are the days

There was a great band from Ireland featuring Donal Lunny’s son. They were called Marxman & they had a small hit with ‘All About Eve’. Perhaps they’re better known for their single with Sinead O’Connor: ‘Ship Ahoy’.

Well, one of their songs was called Dark are the Days. They are. Yes, it’s still raining. Outside and in my head.

I called off the house deal – it was doing my head in – I’m not going to buy, I’m just going to rent a room. What I need is freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want. If I want to shop in London, I want to be able to do that. I want to eat good food, buy books, CDs… whatever. My pleasure comes from these things – not from the place I live in. I don’t make enough money to have both and I choose my freedom. The way I’m reacting to this all, I’m definitely not ready to be a house owner.

I hope the decision will lift my spirits. Maybe the sushi I’ll be having tomorrow will help. ;-)

A very good friend from Ireland called, we’re probably going to the wild west Cork in September. Check out the place we’re going. Ignore the hippy shite – we’re going to see Nick Cave and talk about literatjoooooore.

Funny… my Irish friend has started keeping a diary as well.

December’s here again: