Everybody’s done this already: Rob’s

Everybody’s done this already: Rob’s amazing poem generator. I thought I’d let it loose on prolific.org to celebrate our new look:

prolific v2.0 is making

progress at lots

of my

house in .

this looks

kind of life

looking at T operator realise calling a

cheap way LOVE the Netscape browser

outside and badly, so there. Women

are? some clips from

my neck 1/

10/01:PM something

weird about music

and kind of

boredom with Nicholas Klein.

said of meat , yummy! 1/11/

00 4:You win some,

Just thought give that

fit lengthwise, so that I


red, green or blue and like to

get back to

get back to

take the yellow can be


in New York, by

Bono & wrote the rest of Wim new


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