It sometimes baffles me how

It sometimes baffles me how the prol mind works. I have to do this chore, a site for a client (that’s their old site). And I need to show some work tomorrow. So I get up early and waste the morning blogging, and going to the post office. Then I waste some more time going to the shops for food and a storage box. Then I chat with some people. Then I start doing ANOTHER chore, something I’d never do… (anything to keep me from doing my duty) clear out a box of collectibles (cuttings, articles, photos) to put it in the storage box I bought. I end up reading half the articles and smiling at the pictures and reminiscing about the good old days. So around 2 pm… I reluctantly start on my original chore. Sigh. Now it’s 4.30 and what am I doing? Blogging again. I have NO discipline. Good thing I’m not a freelancer. Prol needs to be harnassed, locked up in an office all day.