Insert animated man digging

I am redesigning. Let me re-phrase that. I am re-ordering and (hopefully) improving the current design. Don’t be surprised if stuff stops working or looks funny around here over the next few days. Individual entries currently look like arse. So far I’ve merged four separate weblogs for ease of use and am now trying to find out why the image map doesn’t work in Firebird (solved). I don’t know about this XHTML strict, it’s hard work.

Update 12/1: I’ve had to switch off automatic generation of category archives because it was taking too long to rebuild (30 seconds and more). After switching it off it takes 8 seconds. It’s a known problem that will be addressed in MT 3.0.

I also found out one of the merged weblogs had not properly been deleted from the database. The user was deleted (so I didn’t see it anymore) but mt-medic (nifty tool) told me the 4000 (!) entries were still there.

I am considering taking out the 1999 – 2001 entries and putting them back in a separate blog/archive. Most of it isn’t relevant anymore and a lot of the links are dead.

Still to do:

– fix handling of P tag within different divs.
– upgrade to mySQL database (didn’t work the first time, or the second time)
– update archive, about and e-mail page
– 404
– the return of the sidebar…

11 thoughts on “Insert animated man digging

  1. It’s interesting that just as the world and his dog seem to be introducing side-bar linklogs et al (and that’s not meant in a snide way, because I’ve been experimenting with them myself), you’re going in the opposite direction.

    I still can’t work out whether I prefer the all-in-one simplicity of a single blog (which doesn’t allow you to give greater “weight” to certain posts than to others), or whether I’d like to split things like music reviews out into separate areas so they’re visible for longer. I can see that implementing Categories (which I notice you’ve introduced) would give me the flexibility to do both.

    I like the new header graphic by the way. Good that you’ve chosen evolution rather than revolution.

  2. I’ve wanted to merge for a long time now, but was encouraged by recent developments at and The idea is to have separate styling for different types of post. But I haven’t got that far yet. I was among the first to implement sidebar thingies.

  3. Yes, I was trying to avoid one of those awful, fawning “you’re always so far ahead of the game” type comments :-)

  4. LOL – this is kinda weird – Hg and I were chatting about your site the other night Caroline. Love the new look, will be good to see it ‘grow’.

    (BTW – tried to post this on Sunday but got an error trying to load the comments)

  5. Yeah, we talk about you all the time. Doesn’t everyone?

    More seriously, we were chatting about the sidebar phenomenon and I mentioned you as an early adopter. The next day, you’d removed them. We will talk more quietly in future.

  6. I do *love* that quicklinks sidebar . . . by far the best ‘linklog’ I’ve seen. As I briefly said to HG last night in passing. *cough*

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