Printed matter of passing interest

Back in… 1999 over a pint in a pub in Dublin, Derek told me enthousiastically about this domain he had,, but didn’t know what to do with yet. Looks like he’s put it to good use now: Ephemera: Photos by Derek Powazek. Check out the comment pop-ups, they’re pretty.

8 thoughts on “Printed matter of passing interest

  1. I’m pretty sure it was 2000 we met. E was with you, and I realised that I’d met her before, but didn’t know you knew each other till we met ourselves! At least, that’s the impression my weblog archives give me ;-)

  2. OK I must be confused by the fact that Derek was going to meet you, though he hardly knew you at the time and I think we’d already e-mailed or something, so I knew more about you than Derek. Something to that effect.

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