Lex van Rossen, R.I.P.


Lex is dead. I knew he was ill, but it’s still a shock. Lex shot the cover photo of my book. I’ve always been disappointed with the way the print came out and I have been meaning to fix that in the pdf version I’ve been working on, on and off. To give that image the full page it deserves. I knew Lex from going to concerts in the 80s and 90s. He was always in my way (for the first three songs) and we’d laugh about it – he wasn’t the tallest himself. He was a fantastic photographer, a real craftsman and one of my photography heroes. He must be taking pictures of angels now.

Here is some of his work. You may know it.
Chris Isaak’s Heart Shaped World
Bono vs De Kuip
More pictures

One thought on “Lex van Rossen, R.I.P.

  1. Wow – that ‘Bono vs De Kuip’ picture defined U2 for me for many years. Amazing photo. Thank you for showing me who took the picture.

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