Leider nur auf Deutsch, aber

Leider nur auf Deutsch, aber wirklich gut (only in German, but very good): popo.at and their discussion board. From their FAQ: The popo.at board is a further step to make information available and to strengthen the voices in Austria (and other countries) against a black and blue coalition, against a coalition with racism. Die Prol ist leider ein bischen faul und wird warscheinlich diese Website nicht so oft lesen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t support you.

Going through Joe Clark’s list

Going through Joe Clark’s list of xenoblogs I notice there STILL is no Irish blog out there. Hello?

I know, there’s netdyslexia, but they’re really German.
And there’s the new trfc but that’s about Tranmere Rovers FC. Niche market anyone?

Our own LOG.NU is partly Irish owned… Tom Cosgrave and Pat Lynch from Dublin post to it.

But I want to see a blog from Glencolumbcille, Athy, Mullingar, Malin Head. Or from Ballykissangel. ;-)