Half the country (down south)

Half the country (down south) is staying up late and drinking a hell of a lot, wearing funny clothes. I’ve never experienced Dutch ‘carnaval‘ and probably never will, but I’m being supportive by staying up late.

Strange. I’ve been to Ireland close to 30 times over the last 12 to 13 years, but I’ve managed to avoid St Patrick’s as well. You’d start to think I’ve something against partying for partying’s sake…

Today I got an interesting

Today I got an interesting response to one of my on line resumes. A company asked if I was interested in a ‘senior graphic designer’ position. I said I wasn’t, because I’ve just signed with another company. And because I don’t consider myself to be a graphic designer. But it would have been interesting to work with the guy who co-founded the companyPrince Bernhard Junior (Second son of Queen Beatrix’s sister Margriet.)

“Last summer I found I’d

“Last summer I found I’d lost sight of what I liked about the Internet in the first place,” Butterfield said. “The whole Weblog revolution reminded me the Internet is all about how people communicate. It’s not about commercial Web design for big companies.” Stewart Butterfield talks about the 5K web design competition over at Wired.

Talking, uh… minimal web design, of all the work I did at VARA, there are only two site designs I’m reasonably happy with. One is the members only site, ‘VARA Link’, which was done in very little time, with very little supervision. I wish I could have developed it further, but the database it was hardcoded into didn’t allow for a lot of variation, and the time restraint was insane. I love the frameset and the colours (black and red do work well when used sparsely) and their Mondriaan-effect.

The other one is the ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’ page, a kids’ page which is simple and effective. It suffers from the really badly encoded Real Video it serves, but I hope to fix that before I leave.