I love finding my IRL

I love finding my IRL friends or family on line. Diana’s a photographer, and here’s some of her work.

Inspired by pb’s ‘new word’ ‘gadget panic’ (That sinking feeling you get about 2 minutes after leaving the house that you forgot one of your essential electronic devices.) I make one more plea for ‘uglet’, a word coined at work. I was loading a java applet on a mac, while talking on IRC. When I typed: ‘oh no, another ugly applet’, the mac, renowned for its wonderful multitasking, turned my phrase into ‘oh no, another uglet’. Bingo. Since then, ‘uglet’ has been the preferred word for java applet. Having seen ‘fugly‘ recently, I suggest a change to ‘fuglet’: n. describes the grey patch a fucking ugly applet creates in a browser window.

We are all addicted to

We are all addicted to something. Are you?
Oh, and fish rule. On a plate!

So I saw the AIBO dog dance with people (as mentioned earlier). The people were in their underwear and interesting, but the dog was naked and captivating. I want one.

This is an old URL, but I’d lost it and today I finally found it after digging through page upon page of death links. Dirt Nap was supposed to become a book, but I don’t know if that ever came about. There’s a link to ‘order the book’, but all I see is an order form for individual photos. Ofcourse, while searching for this page I found other ‘kewl’ stuff like this deadpool.org… guess the next celebrity death! Hmm. What to think of that?

Some of my rellos in

Some of my rellos in Manado, Sulawesi, complained about the colours on Tumbuan.com, the family web site. It seems colours are closely associated with political parties in Indonesia, and brown was “Muslem”. So I got together with nephew R. and talked about the site. In the end we decided to reflect earth colours: the top soil in Manado is red. So I chose khaki (heh) and a terracotta kind of red. I wish I had more energy to spend on the site, but all of my thoughts are with log.nu right now. It’s interesting to see the site find its voice, and to watch non-netheads take control, using Blogger and a bit of help from mama nethead.