It’s a long way into

It’s a long way into the new Pixel Industries site, but once you’re in it’s worth the journey ( the race is the prize? ). 2000 is going to be the year of web design minimalism. 5k anyone? Or perhaps 5 Bytes… (by the way, Jason implements the feature I’d love to see in Blogger: persistent references).

I love finding my IRL

I love finding my IRL friends or family on line. Diana’s a photographer, and here’s some of her work.

Inspired by pb’s ‘new word’ ‘gadget panic’ (That sinking feeling you get about 2 minutes after leaving the house that you forgot one of your essential electronic devices.) I make one more plea for ‘uglet’, a word coined at work. I was loading a java applet on a mac, while talking on IRC. When I typed: ‘oh no, another ugly applet’, the mac, renowned for its wonderful multitasking, turned my phrase into ‘oh no, another uglet’. Bingo. Since then, ‘uglet’ has been the preferred word for java applet. Having seen ‘fugly‘ recently, I suggest a change to ‘fuglet’: n. describes the grey patch a fucking ugly applet creates in a browser window.