Consumer aggro: Just got a

Consumer aggro: Just got a new GSM sub for my old phone. Then the phone breaks down. (‘oh yes, madame, 3 years is long for a mobile phone!’) Getting a new sub-free phone is too expensive. Would have to buy phone + new sub. Aaaaaaargh. Maybe I’ll wait if I get to do WAP stuff for my new boss and perhaps a phone to go with the work… Tom’s got himself a new Nokia anyway, perhaps I’ll get one like that with a pre-pay card.

More consumer aggro. Having a week off usually means: where can I spend the most money on the least necessary stuff? Well… I felt the need to own a varsity jacket again. You know, one of these yankee type two-colour sports jackets with a big old Y on the front. I had one red/black one for ages that was very new wave in its own little way. Also had a grey/white one that I bought on Carnaby Street in London. But I want a vintage one now. One that was worn by some jock in a previous life. They were very ‘in’ a decade ago when 50s type stuff was hot, so I decided to go to Waterloo Plein, an all year jumble sale here in Amsterdam. They used to stock loads of them at ridiculous prices. Turns out they’re ‘out’. Didn’t find any. Bah.

I don’t remember what I

I don’t remember what I was like when I was like when I was 15, but I sure as hell wasn’t establishing a net presence like Mr William Try is. And he’s logging.

Happiness: hot fresh multi grain rye bread from the baker on the corner (established in the 19th century…), topped with cottage cheese and sprinkled with celery salt. Better than…