Waste of time

Was taught HTML basics at the course. Erm. I already knew that, thanks. Helped the others a bit, in between popping throat tablets and other nice pills. Cough. Sniff.
Straight to bed with a bowl of hot soup. Woke up at 3.50. Checked mail. Found new CROON submission. Yay. There have been three submissions in between, but people misunderstood the object of the project. I’ve written and rewritten the instructions but something’s not clicking. Must have someone take a look at it.

Had ( feverish?) dreams last night about having a son (EEEEEEEEEEK!) It’s that unconditional love thing I witnessed on Sunday, I guess.

Grin and bear

Spent half of Sunday down the country at my friend L.’s surrounded by toddlers. Was relaxed in a way, but had work on my mind. Woke up today with a soar throat which got worse during the course. Shiver shiver. I *cannot* afford to be ill this week, so just grin and bear it.

Bought my first Elmore Leonard book, not really into crime fiction but had to try man – so many films are made of his books now. ‘Out of Sight’ is the novel the film with Clooney and Lopez is based on – it was hard not to read the book with their faces in mind. These books are very quick reads, I finished it going to and coming back from Hilversum on the train.

Managed to encode half of the videos last night while watching tv and cooking dinner. It’s a multi-tasking life.

We watched parts of a guy’s ‘interactive movies’ – the guy also came to talk to us about them. ‘Interactive movies’ are ok-ish… they’re not as exciting as real computer games, I think. Why would I want to watch an interactive movie? I want to see a film, want to be awed by what the director makes up for me – magically. Having an influence on the scenes makes it unnatural. Film is total immersion. It can’t be that if you can affect the outcome.

Bed early, am shivering.


… don’t you hate them? I actually need them… but would very much like to know about them some time before they’re due. Well… it doesn’t always work that way and so I am facing a few of them for next Wednesday and Thursday. Small problem: I’m on that course on Monday and Tuesday… which gives me zero time, unless I work at it this weekend. Which is not exactly what I had in mind. Last night I tried to block it out – fixed my eyes on the telly and taping Fatima Mansions stuff for someone. Found myself almost headbanging to some of the tracks… laughed at myself for being an old fogey with an interest in rawk and rawl.

This morning I enjoyed my first shopping spree since my injury. Didn’t get much and it soon became too crowded in town, but enjoyed my mobility nevertheless. Got Mansun’s new album… typical ‘difficult second album’ kind of record – not as clear cut as the first one. They’re a bit too… metal… almost Black Sabbathy sometimes, I enjoy their quieter moments.

Got myself a mobile phone card for my mobile… no monthly fee. Actually missed having my mobile when I was on crutches… they’re handy for calling cabs. (And ordering pizza when you’re on line ;-) . I just thought my colleagues should be able to reach me when I’m on the course. The 50 guilders worth of calls will last me a year or more (only they expire after a year). Must remember to wipe my ex from the list of numbers. It will make me feel good.

It’s bloody freezing! It’s 9 degrees out, and the cold is wet. It reminded me of Dublin, actually, those cold winter trips I’ve made. Talking Dublin, I sent Gav a cool ‘Adam n Eve’ card for his birthday… it’s a pop up thingy that has Adam saying:’ Nice apples’ to Eve, who replies: ‘Big leaf!’. Corny… but he’ll appreciate it.

Also got prezzies for L’s kids, toy cars for S. and a squeezy duck for E. I thought I might go into work tomorrow… but fuck it, it’ll be Sunday and I promised to drop by Louise’s for coffee. If I don’t make the deadline, fuck it. If I get fired… fuck it. Right now… I worry, but don’t care too much. Let’s enjoy the weekend…

(All I have to do is…. capture 18 songs off video… encode them to Real Audio. Design the front of a site… with lots of stuff that moves and blinks to impress the clueless. Record audio files. Make animated gifs and roll overs. Later today. Tonight. Not now.)

October got colder

Work is taking over my life – I think things will be hectic for the next 7 weeks while I’m on the course. I’ve a few too many things going on at the same time. I need to write some instructions quick so the others can take over some of the regular tasks & I can dedicate my time to the larger projects.

I won’t have much time or energy for ‘Dag’, I think. All I think of is ‘bed’ once I come home.

Half a liter of Haagen Dazs was NOT a good idea. Neither was taking that valium last night that I’d left over from the visit to the hospital for my leg. Thought it would help ease the massive headache, and I suppose it did, but it also made me feel pretty worn out in the morning… as I should have known. Ah well… I don’t have any more so that takes care of that.

I’m worrying about the design I have to do for our debate show’s new pages…. I worry too much full stop.

Oh… new pet hate: company politics.

Course II

Tough day at the course – had to do the most complicated of thinking right at the end of the day when our brains were running over with theory. Got a bit fed up in the end – a lot of my energy goes into having to work together with other people. I have my own idea about things – I like to work my plans out myself, I do not like bouncing my ideas off other people because I don’t like them to be changed. Sign of a true control freak, I suppose.

Went straight to bed after dinner, but felt revived after a while and got up again. Back to normal work tomorrow… don’t have to think about the course until next Monday.

Walked about a kilometer today… ignored the pain. The exercise will do me good.


I’m going on a course next week… only it was this week. Got a call at work at 9.45 where the hell I was. Brilliant, we’d been told it was next week. Took a cab to the course, only 5 minutes away.

Interesting course – my boss and I are the only people who’ve any experience with web site making, the others are all tv makers from other broadcasters. Quite useful to hear the way they think and approach the ‘new’ medium. Teacher seemed knowledgeable too. Had to analyse a site with the help of a questionnaire, wasn’t too difficult – was easy to spot its faults. Will probably have difficulties once we get to storyboarding and scripting the concept – I’m not an ideas person – not very good at thinking up all these “FUN” ideas to go with a tv/radio show. Think on the whole it will be very useful course… every Monday/Tuesday for next 7 weeks…

Went for drinks with boss and other woman on the course after work. Three large beers done me in. Mussgettintobedearlyish to sleepitoff… zzzzz.