Vintage me

self, 3 or 4 years old

Check out my flickr photostream for some black and whites taken by my dad.

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A thought that’s been going through my head a lot recently (which I should cherish and investigate — shallow as my everyday existence tends to be) is that everybody has their ‘prime’ time. Some hit it in their twenties, others in their thirties or later. I think I made a pretty good kid and kept it together in my teens and tweens. I don’t think I’m very succesful so far at being an adult.

Playing with new 80-200/4.5-6.5


Sat on Nieuwmarkt for a while this afternoon, testing my new lens. You can see more Nieuwmarkt pictures at . (And some from Oosterpark a few hours later.) Well pleased with this lens – good colours and contrast, auto focus is fast. It hasnt gone (too) soft on me yet. At 60 euro, this was a bit of a bargain.

It’s been a while since I shot with anything larger than a 28-105mm, so it took a few minutes getting used to the freaky enlargement. It definitely feels like cheating.

While I was sitting at the foot of De Waag sneaking shots of people, a guy came over to say hello. I recognised him, but had forgotten his name: an intern I worked with close to ten years ago – probably one of the first interaction design students in the country. Turns out he is working at De Waag (‘society for old and new media’) now. Good on him.

Mother and Child reunion

(probably taken with a Voigtlander Vitomatic)

Today’s challenge at Photo Friday is ‘mother’ (which seems a little tired after ‘father’ a few weeks ago, but anyway). I only have one picture I took of my mother and grandparents when I was 11 or so, and I can’t find it. I’ve no other shot that fits, so I’m not competing in the challenge. But I’ll honour the theme with this shot that my father must have taken. Mum with red bag, me with white hat and toy camera. With apologies for the quality, I really need a better scanner. (Click to enlarge)

Yashica T4 Super

Got my hands on that Yashica T4 Super I mentioned earlier this week. It’s a bit of a collector’s item because of its excellent Zeiss lens and extra “waist level’ viewfinder. It’s been discontinued and replaced by a slightly inferior ‘zoom’ type model. On E-bay it tends to go 125 – 150 dollars and up. I’m picking mine up tomorrow for half that pice.

It’ll be a great companion while travelling as I do not plan to bring the Ixus. Shlepping one charger around for the 300d is quite enough.

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    I have a balcony at the back of my house. It’s got a better view now they’ve torn down the buildings behind us.

    Life through a lens

    I took the loan Rebel for a spin last night (scratches be damned) to see how it works with my 28-105mm and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Cosina is a piece of crap. (D’oh, you might say) It’s just soft all over the place, particularly with sunny back light. I can’t find a lot of reviews for this thing – though it seems the Vivitar 28-105 is the same make. Opinions vary. Apparently Cosina’s output is unreliable. Sometimes the lens is good, sometimes it’s not. Mine obviously isn’t. Hey, guess who sold it to me?

    Which means I am or will in the near future be in the market for a replacement. The 18-55 kit lens that I will. eventually. have. ($*&%#!!!) is adequate, and I’ve got the 50/1.8. What would complement that? Maybe a 100mm prime? Or should I go for a 70-300? Obviously not a Cosina one.

    (‘Course that lens was never made to serve on a digital SLR – it works fine on the analog camera.)