19270 visitors can’t be wrong…

19270 visitors can’t be wrong… it’s that time of the year again. Prove to me you’re visitor # 20,000 (as in, send me a screenshot of the counter at the bottom of the page) and I’ll send you something (a CD most likely), or a copy of my book if you prefer.

French flash. First, the site

French flash. First, the site for Yves Saint Laurent’s new fragrance ‘Baby Doll’. Remember Gene Kelly dancing that surreal sequence in an American in Paris? It’s a sweeter, pinker version of that. Too bad about the ‘untitled documents’. You see that a lot in Flash sites – I take it the animators haven’t a clue about html. I quite like the drawings on Stephan Eicher’s site, not a typical popstar site. Don’t like his music. Heineken France have a nice darts game. The beer still tastes of piss though. On the Dutch Heineken site they’re holding a beermat design contest.