I keep thinking about something

I keep thinking about something I heard on TV a while back in an interview with actor Helmut Berger. After talking about Fellini and how in his current work he tends to think ‘how would Fellini have done this, how would he have filmed it?’, the perceptive interviewer said: ‘So… would you say your entire body of work is dedicated to the memory of Fellini?’ And Berger agreed, the sadness visible on his once so handsome, now lived in face. I can empathise with such enduring passion.

LOL. Grey is the nu Mood-Indigo. Excellent.

I love it when a

I love it when a melody touches you so deeply it doesn’t matter that the lyrics make no sense to you: ‘It’s 3:30 in the morning and the car is in the tree, the journey apparently is over, lover boy lies prostrate on the wheel…’ Cathal Coughlan‘s ‘Officer Material’ is such a song. The lyrics end: ‘Never admit anything personal, codify, render general…’, perhaps his last album Grand Necropolitan was too overtly personal, that’s why he’s aiming for the more oblique? Click the song title, have a listen. Ah, gowan!

Firda says: 6:40:48 AM I’m

Firda says: 6:40:48 AM I’m considering quitting the whole blogging thing. It’s stopped being rewarding. I only got 30 something visitors yesterday. It just doesn’t worth all the troubles of finding the links. I haven’t got one single visitor at all today. Sad, sad, sad…

I think the point is to log for yourself. Not for an audience. The reward lies in the expression of the self, not in the ego stroking. The race, as always, is the prize. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but… log what you want to remember, or what moves you in life. Build, fill, enthuse, reveal… and people will come, and people will stay. It takes time.