“Last summer I found I’d

“Last summer I found I’d lost sight of what I liked about the Internet in the first place,” Butterfield said. “The whole Weblog revolution reminded me the Internet is all about how people communicate. It’s not about commercial Web design for big companies.” Stewart Butterfield talks about the 5K web design competition over at Wired.

Talking, uh… minimal web design, of all the work I did at VARA, there are only two site designs I’m reasonably happy with. One is the members only site, ‘VARA Link’, which was done in very little time, with very little supervision. I wish I could have developed it further, but the database it was hardcoded into didn’t allow for a lot of variation, and the time restraint was insane. I love the frameset and the colours (black and red do work well when used sparsely) and their Mondriaan-effect.

The other one is the ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’ page, a kids’ page which is simple and effective. It suffers from the really badly encoded Real Video it serves, but I hope to fix that before I leave.

Not much to log today,

Not much to log today, prol spent the evening wrestling a grilled lobster with some relatives and watching Dusty Springfield on the telly. The Sancerre was divine. Bless rellos who can cook.

‘Can’t sleep, won’t sleep’

I de-installed the MSIE 5.5 beta and survived. It reverted to MSIE 3. Then I had to reinstall 5.01. Oh happy day. But hey…. nothing can get me down because:

Aw shucks, look who’s blog

Aw shucks, look who’s blog of the week @ blogger.com. ‘Ik, zei de gek,’ as we say in Dutch. Thanks guys. I really love doing this, and I haven’t had this much fun on the net since I downloaded my first e-mail from that crummy VAX machine at Utrecht University with something ancient called Kermit. Plus it’s the first time I have felt somehow part of a community. It’s been, as they say, real. The web is amazing. ‘t Is.

Came home to find flowers

Came home to find flowers on my doorstep, courtesy of NI – my new employers. How sweet… I don’t like flowers much or rather the effort to keep them, but do appreciate the gesture.

Don’t you just love Gul Dukat. I just watched the bit where he tells Major Kira he had an affair with her mother. He’s an intriguing character… a lovable villain.