So… a few days ago

So… a few days ago The Zeldman (who is on the road and kind of in my ‘hood, happy travels to him) said Webdesign was like shagging (actually he said it was like sexually transmitted diseases….) Now, The Hero says weblogging is: ‘much like high school dating. If you appear desperate, leaping at every chance you get, no one’s going to ask you out’.

By the way… The The are back.

Just in: Web Design Essentials

Just in: Web Design Essentials – professional studio techniques. Interesting glossy book with tips and tricks from ‘leading web designers’. Unfortunately, I hadn’t reckoned with the fact that the book is from Adobe which means all the tips are geared towards Adobe products. Which is fine if it’s Photoshop, but most of the other apps I use are Macromedia… Anyway, I’m hoping learning this book by heart will make me seem professional in my nu job.

Am in Bridget-mode. V.g. Quote:

Am in Bridget-mode. V.g. Quote: ‘Sure it is not normal to be treating my answerphone like an old-fashioned human partner: rushing home to it from work to see what mood it is in, whether it will tinklingly confirm that I am loveable and an acceptable member of society or be empty and distant, like now for example’. Sometimes think am Bridget. But do know where Germany is.

Oh dear, all this talking via weblogs is a biiiiiiit incestuous, but there ya go, that’s human nature. Anyway, thanks Matt for the tutorial on persistent links… (soon to be known as the Haughey Manoeuvre) – I think pb told me how to do this a while back but I forgot and am lazy, Jason’s icon brought it all back. And anyway, that doesn’t work if it’s in the archives does it? Or does it? Oh Matt says it does. Aha. Of course Well, proves am useless and will utterly fail in new job.

Riothero‘s talking about meeting webloggers @ SXSW, and Matt comments there are way cooler people to meet there like The Lance, The Veen, The Carl… but you know what? If I were going to SXSW (everybody is, why not meeeeeee? sob) I would be thrilled meeting the webloggers I ‘know’, not all the ‘The’ people, cause cool as they may be, I don’t know them. Though I’d love to meet Lance. (without the THE). The Veen and The Carl mean (The) Dick to me, here on this side of the pond. Pardon my language. Of course The Powazek turned out to be not very The at all, just ‘the lovely friendly’ Derek… so who knows other The people are probably wonderful too. The Prol has spoken.