Stefano Giovannini is a photographer

Stefano Giovannini is a photographer from Milan that we used to hang out with in Dublin. His work has appeared on Sonic Youth and Mike Scott record sleeves. We met him on Windmill Lane and drank lots of Guinness together in a bar called Docker’s. He could down a pint in 2 seconds. His camera was battered and he’d a box on him that he would sometimes open to show his amazing photos to us and recount his adventures with The Pogues, The Waterboys, U2 and many others. He had a great rapport with artists, which shows in his work. We used to write but you know how things goes. These days he’s well represented on line. But perhaps someone should build him a proper domain.

And then you’re reminded of

And then you’re reminded of the good things of the net… very old friend whom I haven’t seen in 5 years has joined the wired world and just now found me through my sites. Looking forward to our IRL meeting.

There’s nothing like the excitement

There’s nothing like the excitement of Monday morning’s waiting for the shops to open so you can buy that CD you have been waiting for for ages. That excitement’s now been killed. By the internet. I love downloading mp3s of ‘golden oldies’, but hearing a new release before you can touch the sleeve, read the notes… smell the ink… it’s bereft of all sense of beauty. I don’t know whether that’s correct English… and I don’t care. [ wow, another little rant ]