Hmm. Can’t think of my

Hmm. Can’t think of my heroes. Can think of something some friends of mine call the list of 3. I think they picked it up from ‘Friends’ – a series I don’t watch because I can’t for the life of me understand what’s good about it. But anyway, the list of three is a list of shaggable people it would be okay to do it with even if you were in a relationship. (It’s NEVER ok, all right?) Well… Mr Oscar Nominee Kevin Spacey would be on mine. Then there’s Mr Clooney (whom I doubt will ever be nominated for an Oscar, but that’s okay – he keeps a pig as a pet instead). #3… hmm, I don’t seem to be good at lists these days.

My hero (I mention him

My hero (I mention him all too often here) once told me not to put my trust in him, because he was sure to let me down. Heroes always disappoint you in the end, ‘you should have people you admire.’ Well, to this day, he hasn’t, so bollocks to that. We need heroes. To remind us that we can be heroes too. For ever and ever. Tom‘s given us his list of 10. Mark will build the site to post them on. I will now retreat to think who else I admire.