Day 2 of the flu

Day 2 of the flu regime: drink water, tea, kiwi juice, soup, cough mixture, vitamin c. All in large quantities. Do nothing. Shiver a lot.

I’m with Damon on this one. He’s a musician, he expresses himself through his music. That’s what makes his band interesting, and yours boring. Deal with it, ya silly shoegazer. Blur’s ’13’ is excellent.

The good thing about bad

The good thing about bad computer crashes: 1. you get to finally clean up your hard disk 2. you get to know more about hardware configuration 3. you read more books in the time not spent on line.

books: got Le Carre’s Single & Single which is a good read as usual, but he’s overdoing it on the characterisation. He doesn’t really leave anything to guess about a character and they almost become charicatures. Also got Tony Parson’s Man and Boy. Tony Parson is a journalist and critic. He’s a working class hero sort of bloke with an East End accent (I think) who appears on the elitist but entertaining art review programme The Late Show on BBC. The third buke I got is Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. I like how he’s obsessed with music.

Talking music… on my stereo: Marc Almond’s Open All Night. So far it sounds like one of his less histrionic, more balanced recordings… trip hop cabaret cum pop. Good old Marc. And how clever of him to duet with old vs new: Siouxsie appears on Threat of Love and Sneaker Pimps‘ Kelly Dayton on Almost Diamonds. By the way… did I ever tell ye about my night of the living dead? We caught Siouxsie, Steve Severin, Michael Gira, Nick Cave and Shane McGowan all at the same table in the Jazz Cafe in London. Wicked!

9.22 pm, Tuesday. I’m back

9.22 pm, Tuesday. I’m back on cable. Spent a total of two and a half hours waiting on the phone for the helpdesk. In the end I did get through, but I’d already fixed the problem without their help. The first thing they asked was ‘did you put the cable back into the card?’ Apparently, late last night that was the last thing I’d forgotten to do. Duh. But… happy prol again. Now I just have to reinstall all my software…

Did I ever mention I hate CSS (cascading style sheets)? That’s because I never bothered to read up on them. Now I’m struggling with ’em. Prolific v2.0 is currently kneedeep in browser incompatibilities. Why don’t we shag Netscape up a dark street?

Update 11 pm… still no

Update 11 pm… still no joy. Network card finally detected… but no connection with UPC. Forgot to mention that the last thing I did before the big crash of 2000 was upload the first CROON of the new year.

I don’t believe it. Having survived Y2K, I managed to kill my comp another way… have spent the last 5 hours re-installing Windows 95 and trying to get my cable connection back up. Dial up is all I’ve been able to restore. I am NOT a happy camper.