Happy Christmas. It is raining,

Happy Christmas. It is raining, and it’s warmish. My flu turned out to be an allergy attack, so I’m fine now. I’ve got 2 vids and a bag of food and for the first time in months: some peace and quiet.

I like small sites. Not too sure about the content yet. Maybe cause adolescence is a lifetime ago.

MP3 of the moment: You’ve got this strange effect on me, Dave Berry’s classic creepy song covered by Belgian trip hop meisters Hooverphonic. [ amazon ]

Oh c’mon! Your biggest blunder.

Oh c’mon! Your biggest blunder. Don’t be shy, share! Don’t make me link to Wessel’s Book of Blunder’s again.

It’s been a while, but we could no longer resist. Got myself a new – but boring – domain name for Christmas. It’ll be my only prezzie, cause we don’t do Christmas in Casa Prol. Expect another 24 hours before the domain goes live.

I’m on this monolith‘s rickety cable service but have wisely kept the dial in account at xs4all.nl, just because they’re cool. And they’ve got better mail servers. Now they’ve got a spiffy new look as well!

Experimental jetset. Black. Arty. Dutch.

They link to Flip Flop Flyin’ where you can find cute little minipops.

Extra extra. Prol’s the next logger to succumb to the flu virus! Sniff.

It’s a sad sad story.

It’s a sad sad story. As usual, Prol’s misunderstood. Other logs don’t know how to categorise me. I’m under ‘logs with a theme’ because ‘we’re logging for Europe’… (like Paula Yates flirts for England…) And on Dutch logs I’m under ‘international’… not under Dutch, because prol’s logging in English. I’m not even a proper log (yet). I think a proper log is like camworld.com, a veritable personal portal page. But then prol’s usually half baked.

Yesterday I received an advance copy of Jon Katz’s new book ‘Geeks’ (Villard Press), and I read it in one go. I enjoyed the read and would probably have thought it a miraculous story… 5 years ago. But the story of two kids fleeing Idaho (encouraged and helped by Katz) and making it in Chicago because they’re good at computer stuff doesn’t seem so remarkable now. Maybe I don’t know enough of American rural life and society to really get it.

Kitsch. Postcards. Groovy. [ F ] [ E ]

Bienvenue dans mons cyberespace: Bob Surfer. Cute drawings and cool html. [ F ]

In the 80’s Prol used to swap bootleg tapes with loads of people. We’d often end up being pen pals and swap thoughts and our lives as well. This is similar. I hope the pen pal side of it happens too, but e-mail is so different I’m not sure.

Snapshots, by the real McCoy. I love that mountain picture.

One of the best books I read this decade was Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes (and one of the worst was his brother’s A Monk Swimming!). All the best books (and most of the bad) get made into fillums. Alan Parker took on Angela’s Ashes. And the film’s official website invites people to submit their own stories of emigrating to America. Prol likes that.

Only in The Netherlands.