A few years back I

A few years back I visisted Newgrange and endured the tour listening to 50 Italians and their simultaneous translator. It kind of took away from the whole experience. Newgrange is a passage tomb from the Stone Age, part of the Brú na Bóinne complex in the Boyne Valley, Co. Meath. in Irealand. On the 21st of December each year the sun rises on the South-Eastern horizon in a direct line with the hollow ‘roof-box’ above the passage entrance. The first ray of sunlight penetrates and shines directly onto the chamber floor. As the sun rises higher in the sky the beam widens and the light illuminates the entire passage. If only builders were as smart these days!

We’re celebrating Christmas at work

We’re celebrating Christmas at work (actually, we’re having a Christmas market to fill our hampers). And because we’re nerds, we’ve put a cam on it: have a gander.

Talking work: my company’s still frontpage news and politicians are getting involved in all the fuss. Which fuss? Well, VARA is a publically funded tv and radio station and management is now looking into the possibility of going commercial. [ D ]

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum just opened its 6000 page web site. But it appears to be down right now.

Not a big fan of Christmas, is Prol. But this year it’s really bad, with no time off but the Christmas weekend.

‘I know better exercise for a man’s lower back‘. (Sean Connery quip in one of the early Bond films… the one where he’s in a spa). See, you want it shaken, not stirred.

The end of the world is nigh! An optimistic series of reports by the otherwise lovely John Simpson.

Yet another Dutch museum sports

Yet another Dutch museum sports a site with non-Dutch look. (check the colofon, the designer’s called Kennedy, so it figures) Centraal Museum in Utrecht… I lived close by for 15 years and never went. Shame, shame, shame.

Storytelling in Flash – intricate little numbers at combine.org, sometimes hard to decipher. To click or not to click, that is the question!

There seems to be no end to Scandinavian talent. Meanwhile, amateurs like myself can go crawl under a rock and weep.

I made sure I don’t need one of these. My back’s to the wall.

All things Dutch. Because you can’t live without your ‘drop’.

I don’t think we’re in

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. We’re simply over the rainbow.

Do you feel lucky?

Prol’s experimenting with the look of the site – trying hard not to succumb to a standard weblog style.

Got this off barbelith: tubehell, a virtual community for London’s commuters. I empathise.

There’s this Morrisey song called ‘We hate it when our friends become successful’. (He wrote it about the band James). Well, Derek was a star before I met him… but look at him now! (He’ll probably say ‘it’s the site, not me’.)