We have all made fools

We have all made fools of ourselves one time or another. Now’s your chance to confess at Wessel’s stylishly designed Book of Blunders. Go find prolific’s embarrassing moment, and when you’re done, come and help me cry a bit.

We’re all subjected to the dangers of RSI. My Wacom pad has saved me, but perhaps this tool works for you.

Spy shots of Great Britain – next year you can buy ’em at 16 dollars a piece.

Prolific’s experiencing come down. There’s

Prolific’s experiencing come down. There’s nothing like an adrenaline high, but all things come to an end. I have to let the pig go.

Talking come down… the wall. It fell. It’s been 10 years. ZDF reports on the long way to German Unity. The wall has it’s own site at ‘die Berliner Mauer‘.[ G ]

If German’s not your strong point, here’s ‘Ten Years After‘ on the Radio Netherlands website. Or try this excellent overview. But I guess nothing ever beats the beeb.

I was called a ‘fukken wagon’ the other day by that little fart of a feller. Here’s a yoke to help yis speak English da Dooblin way. Deadly!

Once you’ve found out what it means at the URL above, you can trot over to bowsie.com.

Moo. Shake it, baby.

I can get excited about things on the net, but somehow ‘Epinions‘ doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I don’t trust anyone’s opinion but my own.

I had raw salted herring

I had raw salted herring on Saturday. They’re lovely this year. But some people think that kind of food is disgusting.

Musicians beware… Chickenhead‘s Lori is here to help you!

Den 2, radio for kids in Ireland. Kids’ tv & radio seems utterly surreal to an old fogey like myself.

Less than a month to go: Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’… the best holiday on the planet. Get some Sinterklaas carols from this mp3 page. [ D ]

Slovenian artists present their work at the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts in Ljubljana.

Nice fonts at final.nu. You have to scour the site for em.

If things have been ‘quiet’

If things have been ‘quiet’ around here, please excuse me. Prolific’s been knee deep in web work over at www.mucoink.com. Muc is a giant flying piggy bank trying to raise money for the people of Kosovo who are facing one of the harshest winters on the European continent. Prolific took over webmastership of this charity site a week ago because the organisation wasn’t happy with the web shop running the site up till now. The site was re-designed in less than 40 hours. In my spare time. It went live about an hour ago. Feel free to beta test!

Should you ever need to host a site in the Netherlands, here’s an overview of your options. [ D ]

Sometimes I feel like one and would like to wear some of this gear.

If you live in New York, you lucky thing, you have to go see Hal Willner’s Harry Smith Project on November 11th and 12th in St Anne’s Church, Brooklyn. I was at the London version of this shindig and it was astonishing. Read all about it. Why? Because you know you want to see: Nick Cave, Van Dyke Parks, Gavin Friday, Sonic Youth, Wilco, Lou Reed, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Bob Neuwirth, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Geoff Muldaur, David Johansen and the Harry Smiths, NRBQ, Pete Stampfel, DJ Spooky, Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg from the Fugs, Elliott Sharp, Gary Lucas, Eric Mingus, Adam Dorn, Roswell Rudd, Robin Holcomb, Syd Straw and other special unannounced guests…

For the histrionic among us

For the histrionic among us (guilty!) – Marc Almond’s book of lyrics and poetry, ‘beautiful twisted night‘, is, well… beautiful. [ £ ]

Finally, an update of the utterly surreal Radiohead website. I’m still not entirely convinced the band are as wonderful as everybody seems to think, but Yorke’s definitely a captivating performer. I prefer to see him solo.

Captivating… that’s what Sinead is too. No matter what she does, I stick to the ‘trust the art, not the artist’ rule and her voice always comes out on top. Even if she can’t remain celibate no matter what vows she took. She claims she tried for three months and then failed. That doesn’t mean she’s no longer a priest…[ G ]

On Top of the Pops (BBC2) David Bowie spoke of the day he met Lou Reed. Or so he thought. As a young fan he went to see the Velvet Underground in London, stood in the front row all night singing along to all the songs and went backstage after the gig. Knocked on the door. John Cale opened. Bowie explained he was a big fan and a musician himself and could he speak to Lou Reed? So Cale told him to hang on, and sure enough Reed came out and spoke with David for 15 minutes. ‘I was floating,’ he says. The next day a friend told him Lou Reed was no longer in the band and that he had obviously been talking to the new Velvet singer. But that didn’t matter, because in Bowie’s mind he had spoken with Lou Reed. Of course he did end up meeting him and he produced Transformer for Reed. Why I am telling this story? Lou Reed has a very cool website. No, just because stars were fans once too. Makes ’em human.

Traveling? Here’s your source of

Traveling? Here’s your source of on the road connectivity.

Whoa, check that cursor chaser on this BBC Tellytubbies page. Are they encouraging us to shoot ’em up?

I haven’t gone into the contents of this site too deeply, but I like the design of Bohemian Ink.

Remember the famous deaths sketch Monty Python did?
That kind of thing. The Darwin Awards recognise stupidity: ‘Winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species’ chances of long-term survival.’