Short trip to Dub


‘Mostly dry’. That doesn’t sound too bad then. I’m hopping over to the Emerald Isle for a day’s worth of photo recce (for a shoot next month), perhaps some shopping, and a late night 30 Seconds to Mars show. Not that I’m a big fan or anything, but I’m sure both band and audience will be a sight to see.

Talking about a sight to see… (Yeah, grasping at straws here) Torchwood S2e02… now that’s more like it! This director gave Barrowman much less time and space, which cut down on his showiness. Now all they need to do is clean out his ears… that’s the only reason I can think of why he is always SO MUCH LOUDER than the other actors. Or is it just the Tom Cruise school of acting?

Loved the Monster of the Week. The woman playing Beth did so awesomely and the steely eyed sleeper dad was just the right amount of creepy and silly.